Breakfast at Newton Farm, Bath

There are some perks of spending so much time in Bath. One of them is that there is gorgeous fresh food if you know the right places to go. One of these places is Newton Farm Shop, where they not only sell everything you’d need for your dinner that night, but they serve food in their little café too. It was either a 40 minute walk or a 7 minute taxi journey, and since we were feeling a little fragile from the night before, it wasn’t hard to guess which we chose. 

It would have been so nice to walk if we were up for a long stroll. It was such a pretty day for some Somerset fresh air.

Like I said, the shop is stocked with absolutely everything. Fresh fruit and veg, eggs, dairy, meats, sauces, flour… Everything fresh and of good quality.

They even had pre-made frozen meals and desserts. I was dangerously close to buying some sticky toffee pudding to take home with me.

And even closer to buying some praline and banana ice cream to go on top.

Before we sat down, we ran around the shop like excited children to see what we could potentially make for dinner and buy here. So much better than a Sainsbury’s. 

After lots of pacing around and brainstorming, we decided to get out of people’s way and sit down to have a think. I went to the little bar to order some breakfast and hot drinks.

No, Bianca. Cake is not breakfast.

Or is it? My eyes were locked onto these pastries. That almond pain au chocolat had to be mine.

And so it was.

Boy questioned if I’d be able to finish my Full English Breakfast. That was before he took a bite, and admitted I’d made the right decision. It wasn’t warm, but it really didn’t need to be. It was thick and perfect and delicious
I had a green tea to detox it so that makes it okay, right?

We laid around on the big couch in the centre of the store until one of the tables were free for us to eat there.

Thankfully, a couple left and so we leaped up to nab the seats, probably a little more competitively that we needed to be since there wasn’t actually anyone else against us. They would have lost anyway.

And there it was. The most delicious, fresh, Full English around. Farm shops are the best.

They even had proper good tomato ketchup. Once you’ve tried this, you can’t go back to Heinz.

The lovely woman there rushed over to give us our hash browns since she’d put them in a little later than everything as she completely forgot about them. Basically, topping off the whole breakfast.

What better way to start a day?

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