Dinner at Eastern Eye, Bath

Lydia and I had been planning our catch up for the longest time – basically ever since I got back to Bath. After bumping into each other countless times and planning to do dinner, it finally happened. Lydia suggested we head to Eastern Eye for some Indian food, which (guilty) I’d stumbled across when searching restaurants, and the pictures of the place looked amazing. I was happy to say that it lived up to what I expected.

It had gorgeous, high ceilings.

Followed by lovely paintings on the walls.

There’s nothing quite like having a curry at the end of a long day.

And a good catch up. I was excited to see this face.

The menu was big. I already had absolutely no idea what to order, and the countless options didn’t really help me out. I’ll happily admit that I’m no Indian food restaurant. Point me the direction of dim sum and I’ll sort you out, but as much as I love Indian, this wasn’t my thing.

At least one thing was for sure – we were getting papadums.

I always have so much fun with the accompaniments. I try them all, mix them all together and then settle on my favourite combination.

For my main, I decided to stick to what I do best and asked the waiter what he recommended. I said I was in the mood for prawns and chicken. He suggested the King Prawn Jhol, which worried me a little since it had the symbol of two chillies beside it (meaning it was super spicy). He said it really wasn’t, but he’d get the chef to put a little less spice in it just in case. Phew.

Soon, our little trolley of goodies arrived.

A couple of our dishes were placed on a little heater, which was cute.

In all its glory.

Lydia stuck with the classic Tandoori Chicken.

She got a side of Bhegun Bhaji (aubergines cooked soft with spices), which she insisted I have a taste of. It was so good!

My King Prawn Jhol arrived. It’s a Bangladeshi favourite – who was I to argue with that? It was amazing. Not spicy at all, which made me think I shouldn’t have said anything about the spice so it would have that little kick to it. Always trust the waiter.

He recommended that Saag Bhaji (chopped spinach lightly cooked and spiced) would go well with it. I was really happy he said that because I would have picked the spinach anyway. This was OUTSTANDING. Must must must order.

I also ordered some pilau rice to smother my curry and spinach with. Such a good meal.

After we’d finished, the waiter brought out two weird looking things on a tray. I’m gutted I didn’t lunge for my camera fast enough, because next thing I knew, he’d poured water on them and they’d grown 5x the size into wet paper towels.

This blew my mind. I think I’ve seen a place do this before, but I really just wasn’t expecting it. I think the waiter found it funny how excited/impressed I was. So easily pleased.

After nearly 4 hours of solid chatting from the time we met up until the time we left, we got the bill and were waved farewell by Eastern Eye with some chocolates.

Ah, post-dinner chocolate. The best kind of goodbye.


  1. April 7, 2014 / 3:14 pm

    I have no idea how I found your blog but I did it and I find it really fun to read! I live in bath to so at good to know nice places to eat! I have been to the eastern eye and it was great, you wouldn't think it would be like that as the entrance is so small!! I also love velo lounge 🙂 keep blogging!:) helen x x

  2. April 27, 2014 / 2:13 pm

    I love this! Your blog is absolutely amazing. I've noticed that you go to quite a few restaurants in Bath… i'm going to university there in September and I was wondering if you could do some things about uni eating/cooking/dining out? (Obviously not TOO expensive because of student budgets.. cry). You're one of the few blogs that I actually read every blogpost of on my bloglovin feed haha.. embarrassing but true! Lexi xxx

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