Dinner at Yak Yeti Yak, Bath

I’d done a lot of restaurant hunting whilst being back at Bath. A name that came up a lot was Yak Yeti Yak, serving traditional Nepalese food. I was a little curious, but since I didn’t really know what Nepalese food was, I was all, yeah yeah sure it’s great, and carried on living my life. It wasn’t until one of my friends told me they’d been and said that they sat on the floor. I don’t know what that was so cool to me since I grew up in Asia, maybe because I didn’t expect it of anywhere in the UK, but it excited me so much that it was next on my list.
As soon as you walk in, you’re hit with traditional Nepalese decor (well I assume that’s what it was) and a strong smell of incense. 

Beyond the bar area, the restaurant splits into two. On one side there’s a seated area around tables, or if you don’t want to be boring (or have a bad back), the other room is where all the cool kids sit on cushions on the floor.

We glanced at the menu, or what can otherwise be called pages of Nepalese food that I hadn’t a clue about. There was a lovely explanation of the restaurant on the front and there were nice pictures inside too, our favourite titled ‘Village Girl’. I decided to do what I did best and ask the guys who worked there what they recommended. Bring on some Nepalese goodness.

Oh, and we were on a little bit of a time limit. We currently have a little love of bingo (don’t make fun of me seriously, it’s so much fun) so we wanted to make the evening game, which meant we had to be in and out in 40 minutes. We told the waiter and from then on he made it his mission to get us fed and out that door.

Better get drinking!

Because of time, he suggested bringing out everything all at once. I agreed since I was starving so the sooner the better for me. In the shortest amount of time, everything was spread out on the table. So this is Nepalese food…

I love not ordering sometimes. I sat back and scanned what I knew were the best dishes they had. I’ll give you a low down of what he recommended for when you visit (which I know you will, how could you not?).

To start it off, Momos Pork – steamed pork dumplings with fresh hemp seed chutney.

Cauli Pakora – cauliflower florets dipped in their own pakora butter and deep fried. (Just a note, Boy actually ordered this dish, it wasn’t one of the recommended ones. It was good, but out of all of them it was his least favourite, only because the rest were so delicious).

Musurko Dal Regular – Split orange lentil sauce cooked with traditional spices and finished with garlic fried in vegan butter

And of course, some rice to go with it – Bhuteko Bhat, which was fried rice Nepalese style with turmeric, mustard seeds and mixed vegetables.

For meat, we got the Yak Yeti Yak Lamb – lamb stir-fried in cumin and their own masala blend.

And last of all recommended was the current special, Thakali Chicken Рchicken stir-fried with fresh ginger, garlic and saut̩ed with long pepper and their own spices.

Everything looked and smelt so good. Even with all the incense in the room.

It’s really not too difficult to make me this happy.

I’ve officially found my new obsession – this fresh hemp seed chutney. I couldn’t get over how good it was! I actually dipped every single thing I could in there until that little pot had been wiped clean (literally).

Mmmmm dumplings.

It wasn’t just the chutney and dumplings though, it was all of it. I tried to eat it all bit by bit, but it soon just ended up in a delicious jumble on my plate.

The guys there were absolutely amazing. They’d fed us the best (okay, my first, but still) Nepalese meal and had us out the door with time to spare.

Bingo (if you care) ended with me winning a fiver, but someone else got full house too so I had to split it. Drats. 2 pounds 50 doesn’t sound nearly as good. After trolling around for half an hour in the rain attempting to find a bar, Opium, we gave up and trekked back across town to Sub 13.

After our espresso martinis, we decided to start playing games and picking drinks for each other to see who picked the best one. I obviously won, choosing him a G&P – a blend of Beefeater gin, fresh ginger, apple liqueur, pear and pimento dram. BAM!

He chatted up the bartender who told him he’d make him especially a One Night Only – a special cocktail that they did for an event and explained how good it was.

It was pretty. It wasn’t great. He tasted it to see if I was bullshitting to win. He agreed.

I was (unsurprisingly) declared the winner. We also discovered that Opium was closed that night.

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