Dinner on Air New Zealand

And away we go!
After weeks of worrying if Mama Bridges would manage to get her visa in time, all was sorted and we were off. Not just anywhere, but to LA. WOOOOO LA BABY! Ming and I have never been before, and we’ve always been talking about where we’d go if we went. It’s safe to say that Ming made a jam-packed itinerary (which I hardly complained about) full of workout classes and, well, mainly food. Family holiday (and sun), here we come!
Oh, by the way, we’re travelling on Air New Zealand, hence these supercute socks that they give you in the little hygiene package. Come to think of it, their airline package is probably the most adorable I’ve ever seen. They give you only the necessities (like moisturiser and lip balm) so I actually used them. Also, I never ever use an eye mask when I sleep, but I’ve never been so tempted to…
As I snuggled down and popped everything away, ready to close my eyes and ignore the annoying plane safety video that I’ve seen about 9341839574 times, this happened.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MODELS WERE FEATURED IN THE VIDEO. Is this the best airlines in the world or something? What a genius idea. I ran to my phone to snap pictures to show Ming when I arrived, then stared longingly at the screen, paying attention to how exactly I can get my lifejacket out from under my seat.
I even had to express my excitement with a tweet after the flight, highlighting my love for Chrissy Teigen.
This was just the best day.

Okay, okay, sorry I’m getting distracted. This is about the food.
I was contemplating whether or not to have dinner or to go straight to sleep and wake up with a flat stomach in LA, but I looked at the business class menu and there was no turning back. But first, I was greeted with a green tea which I asked for when they offered me an after take-off drink. Along with a cookie. Dammit I was trying to stay away from unhealthy treats. I pushed it to the side and tried not to look directly at it. I was also given a plate of nuts and antipasti. I devoured the nuts and picked and chose which of the other bits I liked.
Papa Bridges, who was sat behind me, was very impressed with the local pale ale he ordered.
I had a glass of red with my meal. I completely forgot that I am a few months off the age restriction for drinking in America. Seriously? I sipped my wine like I didn’t know when my next glass of red was going to be. Because I genuinely didn’t. Damn!
Arghhh I thought I’d taken a picture of the menu to refer back to but I completely forgot! I’ll try describe the dishes as best as I can… For starters (after politely declining bread – I’m going to a land of gorgeous barbies, I cannot afford to bloat), it was a delicious Duck Salad with Pecans and Oranges.
Sadly, I didn’t clock on to the Manuka Honey Mustard Dressing until I was nearly done. I dipped every last forkful in here to make up for it.
For mains, I had the Chicken Fillet served on top of sweet potato mash with green vegetables. It was so yummy. Out of all the options, I had to get this for the sweet potato mash alone.
Papa Bear went with the Salmon with Egg Noodles, which he inhaled. 
I tried. I tried really hard to stay away from dessert. My options were between Chocolate Mint Ice-Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Cheesecake. When posed with the question “Would you like dessert?”, I cracked. I cracked bad.
A couple minutes later, this was popped in front of me.

At least ice-cream isn’t too filling. There’s no eating half of it and leaving the rest crap going on either. I took that bowl down. I may or may not have then been possessed by sugar and lunged for that chocolate chip cookie (which was still pushed to the side). I took a couple of bites and it was a bit dry and not really worth it, so that was at least easy for me to put down. God, I sound like a crazy sugar bitch.
Dad went for a plate of cheese to go with his red.

I like you, Air New Zealand. I like you a lot. At least you’ll be my shoulder to cry on when I leave LA!

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