Lunch at The Bath Priory, Bath

A few weeks back, my friend Imae told me about this incredible lunch she had at The Bath Priory. As she described each detail, my mouth salivated and from that moment on I declared that I needed to go. Luckily for me, Imae was even more determined that I go as well. Not to mention she was extremely up for going again!
We booked it in and finally it was time to become ladies who lunch. She told me that I had to dress nicely, so I popped on my pearl earrings and the nicest things I had with me in Bath and off we went.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous. They led us into the drawing room to wait for our table. The room was so, so pretty – full of old paintings.



We ordered some drinks as we chatted away. Imae ordered a cranberry-based non-alcoholic cocktail, the Uva. I ordered a bottle of sparkling elderflower juice.

A lovely woman came and popped some menus in front of us. We went for the lunch menu, which is amazing value for money.

Although there were only 3 options for each course, it was bloody difficult deciding – everything sounded insane. Once we’d finally chosen and ordered, a plate of lovely treats arrived under our noses. Cheesey sticks, olives and little chorizo balls with apple pureée.

I liked this place already.

The library room filled up with other guests, and soon our table was ready for us. As we left, I noticed SCRABBLE! Dammit, I wish I’d seen that before!

We passed this sick shrine of wine on the way to the dining room…

We were first to be seated. Spot the keen ones.

Keen or just super excited?


The waiters were so lovely and when they saw me snapping away, they sweetly asked if we wanted a photo together. We’re not ones to say no.

The waiter then came round to offer us bread. All of them looked exceptional. There was a spelt roll with honey and oats, sliced bread with sun-dried tomato and black olive and a white French bread. I went for the spelt roll, but they stuck the bread basket on the table, so eventually they one by one disappeared. I tried to resist so I wouldn’t be full up for my 3 course meal, but that just wasn’t working out for me.

We were then greeted with our complementary starter from the chef – Leek and Potato Velouté.

Our starters arrived, which were so beautiful. Imae ordered the Confit of Cornish Sea Bream with Saffron Onions and Black Olive.

It was a tricky decision, but I eventually went for the Ellbridge Farm Quail Egg Tart Fine with Savoury Purée and Smoked Paprika Crumb. They were both as delicious as they looked.

For mains, Imae ordered the Roast Loin of Dorset Rose Veal and Smoked Garlic Purée with Lettuce and Veal Jus.

I was in the mood for some carb-loving, so went for the Spring Mushroom Ravioli with Wild Garlic and Hazelnut Beurre Noisette.

It was sad to destroy the beautifully plated food, but someone’s got to do it.

We tried to pick different things to take more pictures of, but there was no doubt about which dessert sounded the best – Praline Soufflé with Banana Compote and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. How good does that sound?!

We were drooling.

They were absolutely delicious. We just wished they were bigger. It was finished way too soon.

The waiter asked if we wanted any coffees or teas, and we politely declined since I was full up. However, they told us we have complementary petite fours coming, and asked where we’d like to have them – at the table, back in the drawing room or outside. It was the most gorgeous, warm day, so there was no doubt about where we wanted to sit.

The gardens outside were stunning. I decided I needed to get as much sun as I could whilst it was out.



Our petite fours arrived. The whole afternoon was just full of the prettiest food. I didn’t even question for a second if it would taste good or not. We knew.

Happy little buggers in the sun.

Everything, of course, was insanely good. Especially these chocolate mint truffles.

We both knew how much coursework we had to do, but we just didn’t want to move. The sun was shining and we’d just had the nicest afternoon. We never wanted to leave. We sat and chatted and prolonged it as long as we could. I was not in the mood for staring at a computer for hours indoors!

But, finally, we picked ourselves up and managed to push ourselves through the door. But not without signing the guestbook.

We spoke about how this would be the most perfect place for a graduation lunch. And the perfect place for people to stay when they visit Bath. Or for a casually getaway lunch. Or just any excuse, really.

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    Looks so beautiful!

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