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It’s about that time of year again. Not only is beach body season creeping up, my health has slowly, slowly been going off track. I’ve been feeling bloated, a little sluggish and I just want to get back to being full of energy! If you’ve read my Jason Vale’s 5lbs in 5 Days Juice Cleanse, you’ll know how fantastic I felt after and how much good it did for me. However, being back at University, I’d have zero time to make all of these juices since I’ve got so much work going on.
The answer to my prayers was Purearth Juice Cleanse. It’s a raw, cold-pressed juice cleanse that gets delivered pre-made and bottled for you, most of them being alkaline green juices. All ingredients are organic, locally sourced and biodynamic. They sent me over the 3 day Get Your Perk On Cleanse, but you can get cleanses that last all the way to 14 days. Your juices have to be fresh, so they’d send it to you in batches, but for a 3 day cleanse they can send it all at once. This was my food (well, drink) for the next 3 days…

How sweet is this?

Before your juices arrive, they send you over a questionnaire to fill out, so they know your goals for the cleanse. They also give you a list of recommendations for how to prepare for the cleanse, how to feel the full benefits of the cleanse, and give you the chance to tell them what veg you hate (for me, beetroot and raw peppers) so they won’t include them in the juice, basically making it bespoke for you. Thank god. On my last juice cleanse, that pepper made me want to hurl.

They offer support and guidance throughout your cleanse whenever you need as well, although I was determined to be a big girl and do this all by myself. They send you a schedule of when they recommend you have your juices and in what order, so how hard could it be?

As well as the juices, they sent me Organic Superfood Powders to mix with a litre of water and drink throughout the day, as well as Organic Herbal Tea.

They even sent me a cheeky pack of Himalayan Bath Salts. They know me well already.

Energy Shots were also a part of the cleanse for you to drink after your morning juice. They had cacao in them, so I was excited already.

You have 3 big juices and 2 little juices every day. Here were my 3 main meals…

(Note how they crossed out peppers for me!)

And here is one day’s worth of fuel. I can do this. I can do this.

Alas, Day 1 of the Juice Cleanse began. I was headed to campus the whole day and I didn’t have a fridge to keep my juices in, but clever me decided to wrap them up in Wool Cool (which arrived in the box with the juices originally to keep them cold) and put them in my bag, which kept them cold all day. Genius.

I felt like a 4 year old ready for her first day at school.

I had my Morning Energise in my hand ready to go!

I had it on my walk to the bus stop. For all the vegetables in it, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. The apple and lemon gave it that little bit of sweetness to prevent it from tasting awful.

When I got onto the bus, it was time for my little shot. Energy, come at me!

It tasted a little like chocolate because of the cacao, which I enjoyed. If you’re not used to this kind of stuff, then you’ll think it tastes nothing like chocolate. It’s the closest to chocolate you’re going to get, okay? I sat on the bus genuinely full of energy. I was ready to spend the day annoying people and getting pages of coursework done.

It was nearly midday and I was still full from the morning juice. What’s happening to me? Worried I wouldn’t feel hungry and wouldn’t be able to drink all my juices (that sounds ridiculous, I know), as soon as I felt my first pang of hunger I got out the Anytime Aloe. I was really excited since I know how healthy Aloe Vera is but I’ve never had it in a juice.

As the day went pass, I was excited for every juice. Look at me go.

My first non-green juice. I was still grateful there was no peppers.

The Afternoon Essential was a perfect little pick-me-up between lunch and dinner, and it was super useful since in my head, 3-4pm is always snack time. It was my favourite one since it had nuts in it, and I love that flavour.

That evening, I went to watch my University’s kickboxing match. Like the supercool person I am, I was sipping on my last juice whilst everyone else was beer-ing up around me. Well who’s going to have a flat stomach and bundles of energy? Yeah, jokes on you.

My flatmates ordered curry that night and I had to lock myself in my room.

Day 1 was a breeze. Day 2, not so much. My morning went by exactly the same, yet I wasn’t full until lunchtime. Maybe it was because I was constantly noticing people around me eating. All. The. Time. It was like torture. I held out as long as I could before I had my little Anytime Aloe, which, technically, I really could have at anytime.

Very, very soon after, I couldn’t help but have my Midday Rejuvenate.

Nettles? Stinging nettles?? This made me feel like an excited 6 year old!

I don’t think it was even that hard. I think it was the mental game of knowing I wasn’t eating solid food. It was also the fact that I had nothing to preoccupy me other than do work, and whenever I study all I want to do is eat.

I powered through until my Afternoon Essential, which made me feel a lot better. The nuttiness filled me up really nicely.

That night I just so happened to be fed up with my work and was desperate to go home to London. I hopped on a late night train (prioritising bringing back all my juices with me – don’t worry!) and I was on my way. It’s worth noting that if you’re doing the cleanse, go to sleep at a normal time. It got to midnight and I was starving. Full of irrational decisions that night, I decided to cheat a little bit and steal one of my juices for the next day. I knew I really shouldn’t have, but I was hormonal and needed it, okay? And, of course, I went for my favourite…

The next day I woke up bright and early, ready for more coursework and juice. The Purearth team and so lovely and friendly, and when I spoke to them before my cleanse they told me that the third day was a lot better than the second. They were right. I sipped on my morning juice, my Anytime Aloe, and cruised by until lunchtime whilst working away.

It was midday, and time to rejuvenate.

Okay, don’t shoot me. It was the day of the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, and it was cold and rainy and everyone was eating chocolate and crisps and nuts and I may have had a teeny tiny bite. I did feel very, very bad but I have a non-existent self-control. Maybe because I had drank my nutty juice the day before. Dammit.

I thought that it was game over and after my first bite of solid food I would keep going. However, in the evening, everyone ordered pizza and sushi. Usually, I would have inhaled it up, but genuinely (and I actually mean it), honestly honestly honestly all I wanted was my juice. I was longing to feel cleansed and pure again. I happily sat drinking my bottle of green and I didn’t even feel tempted. I was a new woman.

The next morning I was actually (very surprisingly) a little disappointed that the cleanse was over. I refused to eat anything for breakfast other than fruit, and I cautiously chose to eat vegetables and shun meat and starchy carbs for a few days after. YES for getting health back on track! I’m sure my result would have been even better without me being naughty, but here goes…

Weight Loss:
Start of Day 1 – 60kg
Start of Day 2 – 59.3kg
Start of Day 3 – 58.5kg
After Cleanse – 57.8kg

Note: This was not a paid post, if any of you think that! If you’d like your own bespoke juice cleanse, hit Purearth up here.

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