The Rib Man Special at Honest Burgers, Ice-Cream at Chin-Chin Labs & Drinks at BYOC, London

So we had a day of FUN the other day. 

We didn’t really have a set plan in mind. I’d been sat in Bath all month and April was slowly coming to an end. All I knew was that I was going to Honest Burgers for The Rib Man Special and that was that. I’ve been looking forward to this collaboration ever since it was announced. If you’ve read my previous posts on Honest Burgers and The Rib Man, you can imagine my excitement.

However, Boy told me about this fun fair that was on, and being the 5-year-olds that we are, the next hour was filled with overly-competitive game faces to win a giant stuffed Yoshi and seriously considering pushing the other kids off the mega slide so we could play. Alas, the winners that we were born to be, managed to take home this goldmine…

I wish I could say that we didn’t win these at the ‘Everyone Wins A Prize’ games. We still had to very tactically hook the stick onto that rubber duck, okay?

Once we decided that our hunger was getting the best of us (which is often), we made our way down to the closest Honest Burgers, which is in Camden. Camden was absolutely jam-packed with people. It was such a sunny day and everyone was boozing up and chowing down on street food.

We were literally walking in circles trying to find Honest Burgers, with Boy telling me that he remembered it but not exactly where it was. Helpful as always.

It’s a good thing we both love to explore. And we got to work up an appetite. I’m ready for you, Honest-To-God BBQ sauce.

The branch in Camden has a little burger bar and a small seating area beside it. I was happily perched on the bar before Boy spotted some seats, which we lunged at.

Is it sad that I’ve been waiting so long for this moment? Oh, the things that excite me. Just look at it.

What an absolute beauty. The Rib Man Special – Beef, The Rib Man rib meat, Hones-To-God BBQ sauce, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce.

Boy practised his photography skills. I tell him he’s not very good, but he’s going to be super cocky when he reads this post and discovers that I’ve used his picture. Yeah yeah, fine, nice one. But look at that cheddar beneath that rib meat!

Once the mandatory pictures were taken, there was no stopping me.

Yep, not even the Honest-To-God sauce on my face. That wasn’t even addressed until the burger was long done.

It was easily worth the wait. Honest Burgers made my Top 10 Burger in London, which is exactly how good it is. Top it off with The Rib Man rib meat and his Honest-To-God BBQ sauce and I don’t even know how to explain this sensation in my mouth. The only thing that could have made it better was if I had a bucket of this sauce to dip it in. I wanted my burger to drown in it.

The beauty of Honest Burgers is I never feel sick after I’ve stuffed myself, which I do most of the time. This only meant that there was room for more food! As soon as we saw Chin-Chin Labs, I knew that was where we were headed.

Chin-Chin Labs is Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice-cream parlour. They make it for you right then and there. The last time I had nitrogen ice-cream was at FEAST Foodies Fest, where I got organic ice-cream from Custom Creams where you make whatever flavour or mix you want (I went with a peanut butter and Nutella mix – oh my god).

At Chin-Chin Labs, they have weekly flavours, but they’re already designed to perfection for you.

If you’ve never had liquid nitrogen ice-cream before, it’s well worth a visit.

I love the laboratory style the shop has as well.

They sell little packs of goodies for you to take home as well. If I’d known how good the honeycomb was then, I would have probably subconsciously picked up a cheeky pack before I paid.

They also sell Monmouth Coffee, which you know I like.

However, this didn’t look as tempting as the Valrhona Hot Chocolate. If it wasn’t so warm outside, I would have 1,000,000% dived straight into this.

Instead, my thoughts were focused elsewhere. Pondicherry Vanilla, I’m looking at you.

Okay, I lied. I was actually starring at The ‘Brown-Which’, which was Chin-Chin dense chocolate brownie baked into two cookies and stuffed with Pondicherry Vanilla. Oh. My. God. Thinking about it, I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t order this. Maybe because summer is looming over me, or because I’d just had a burger 15 minutes before.

Instead, we went with just ice-cream, although it feels pretty unfair to call it that since it’s not just ice-cream, is it? Boy went for White Choc Easter Egg, which was white chocolate ice-cream topped with a hard shell of coconut chocolate, which he got with some honeycomb (some of which I stole).

I went with exactly what was recommended to me. I always think it’s because they know what the best is, but maybe it’s actually because I’m very bad at making sober decisions. Probably a mix of both.

Anyway, The Pondicherry Vanilla was destined to be mine. Caramelised, unrefined cane sugar and rare Italian vanilla pods that are infused for 12 hours. Done, you’ve sold it to me. I had it with valrhona chocolate sauce and pistachio & cardamom powder.

I’m not sure I stopped smiling the whole day.

Come to think of it, I was wondering why my cheeks were hurting so much by the evening, and I’ve discovered the source. The fun continued on to BYOC that night, which we hit up armed with a bottle of light rum and vodka. It’s an amazing, tiny bar hidden underneath a juice shop where you bring your own bottle of spirit and the bartender makes all sorts of cocktails for you with it.

I tried so hard to make it out to a reasonably cool hour to head home, but I was just so exhausted from my week that after our 2 hour slot was up, little Bianca had to be taken home. Goodnight, London!

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