Lunch at Boom Burger, London

I know you’ve all been reading lots of vegan and healthy posts lately. Here’s one to make up for it – let’s call it a cheat day, if you will. And shit, was it a cheat day! Just look at these babies.

It was a typical lazy Sunday, and it was bloody hot in London, so obviously I was super excited. I spent the morning strolling around Portobello Road, browsing around the markets before boy joined me and we hit up Boom Burger.

The thing with Portobello Road is that there’s so much street food outside, which means that I’d usually get distracted by the first thing I saw and chow my way down the road. However, this little Jamaican burger place was enough for us to put that to the side. Just.

Not only was it pretty sweet inside, but the food looked amazing. All this browsing was making me hungry. Okay, I’m always pretty hungry, but looking at these didn’t help.

It was such a nice day that we wanted to sit outside and soak up some vitamin D. The seats outside the shop were full, but the manager was happy enough to help us find a seat where the tables were in the area with all the street food. Jackpot.

I love how cool their menu is. Shit, Boom Burger have their branding down!

Boy got a bottle of Red Stripe, a Jamaican beer which is apparently a great beer. If I appreciated beer I would probably agree.

I was all ‘oh, I’ll just have some water please’. The manager replied ‘but it’s Sunday’. I then ended up with their rum punch in front of me. He got me. He got me good.

I’m glad he did though – best rum punch ever. Ever ever ever. I ended up getting 3 rounds of them it was so delicious. It was a mix of fruit, rum, ginger beer, and God knows what else. Tears of angels? Probably crying over how GOOD this drink was.

The manager brought us out a couple of starters to share. First up was Saltfish Chilli and Herb Fritters. I had no idea what to expect, but they were fantastic, especially on this hot day. Fish me up real good.

Next were the Jerk Wings, which were chicken wings marinated in their house sauce.

I was asked if I liked hot sauce. The reply, as a (half) Asian, isn’t really allowed to be anything other than a yes. This bottle was then put into very good use for the rest of the meal.

We chatted and drank and munched through it all, though I knew there were still burgers to come. And I was ready for them. Come to mama.

A big bowl of chips has never made me so happy. Not only were there typical French Fries, but I asked for Plantain Fries too, which are made with banana. SO good. Like, unbelievable. Like, you need to order these if you go. And you need to.

We got the burgers split in half to share, not because we wanted to be all cutesy and share food, but because we then got to try more. Boy will split with me and he will like it.

Their Boom Burger is their classic, aka a must order. Their signature beef burger covered in cheese and bacon jam. Shit, was that bacon jam good! I wanted to get a pot of it and eat it with the spoon. Then wash it down with more rum punch. Have I just created my ultimate fantasy?

They do lots of other burgers too – Jerk Boom (their chicken burger), Veggie Burger (with sweet potato, never have I wanted a veggie burger so much), Brunch Boom (bacon, egg, bacon jam and avocado salsa omg stop it) and Cheeseburger. It was actually a little silly how hard it was to pick the second burger to split, but we went for the Fish Boom. It was pan-fried red snapper with rocket, escovitch sauce and jerk mayo.

I love a lazy Sunday. And a good burger. And rum punch. GO JAMAICA.


    • May 27, 2014 / 10:50 am

      Thanks Amy! It was delicious, definitely worth checking out! And I absolutely love your blog!

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