Lunch at M Café, Los Angeles

Now don’t freak out. Ming and I kind of went to Warner Brother’s VIP Studio Tour. I know.

Okay, it didn’t mean that much to me at first either. Out of all the options we had on how to spend this tourist day (the other options were Universal Studios and Disneyland – don’t call us crazy for not going there instead), Warner Bros was the most different.

Meh, it’ll be fun I’m sure. WELL I WAS RIGHT. Just look how excited we were as soon as we hopped onto that tour buggy!

It’s probably one of those you-had-to-be-there things, but I’ll ramble on about how much I of a good time I had. Just because I can. You’ll need to read this to get to the food part anyway (or you could just scroll further down, but then in the back of your mind you’ll never know if you missed some good stuff…).

Our super keen tour guide took us around this little city, which was all a set. It was crazy. There were so many places I recognised and so many settings that were all used in different movies and TV shows.

IT WAS LIKE A SMALL COUNTRY. You could live here! If I’d woken up here (I don’t know how that’d ever happen, just go with it), I’d actually think I was in a different universe.

I insisted that Ming took a picture of me in every single place that I recognised. This was used in Annie,  in Spiderman with his famous kiss with Mary Jane, and loads of other films. This is basically where all the rangas have a good time.

I’m such a little pessimistic bitch. This whole time I thought it would be so average. Even throughout the tour I was negative. When we were taken into the costume museum, I was like great. Old clothes.

But they had EVERYTHING. The costumes from Gossip Girl, The Hangover, Harry Potter… That just made it a million times cooler. The best part was when I discovered the Friends section…

And all their props! I basically wept over how amazing it all was. My favourite was the golden bracelet that Joey gets Chandler that reads “To My Best Bud”, AND IT ACTUALLY SAYS THAT ON IT. Keeping it real guys, keeping it real.

Again, when we were taken into the transport museum, I was like ughh and wished I brought my headphones or something. You know what? These cars were AMAZING. I thought the few parts of femininity I had was pretty uninterested in cars altogether. But not these ones. I wanted to hop into Gatsby’s car and drive away with my non-existant driving license.

AND THEY HAD THE BATMOBILES. ALL OF THEM. They all actually have different names, but I won’t get carried away into being a massive loser. Please still think I’m cool.

Okay, any coolness is now gone. I had to get a picture with the “Shaguar”. Definitely naming my car this.

Okay, enough about the tour. Let me just share with you the highlight of the day.

If you don’t know what set we’re at, then consider our friendship over.

Actually, this could have been the best part of the day…

Joking Ming Ming. Otherwise I would have never gone to this place…

(We didn’t pay for the picture, by the way – Ming distracted the woman whilst I took a photo of it and then we ran. We do the same in theme parks with our roller-coaster photos. It’s a bit more bad-ass in our head then it probably actually is).

M Café is a macrobiotic restaurant, which Ming, the health guru, absolutely did not shut her lips about. A macrobiotic diet is based on having grains and vegetables as a staple food, and cuts out high processed and refined foods, as well as most meat (they only serve fish here). I also unnecessarily know that Madonna does this diet. It’s these bits of knowledge that are sadly going to stick with me forever.

It was super sunny, so we pounced at the first table we saw. Actually that’s a lie, we were those really annoying people who moved two tables together. People secretly enjoy the noise of scraping table and the inability to move past us.

The menu was big. It was double-sided and had your heart’s desire on it.

I’m not great with choices, so I dawdled inside to have a look at the goods.

This was an amazing place to get takeaways. Check these salads!

Their sushi also looked so good. I was tempted for a salad and sushi feast.

Raw almond “Rainbow Roll”?! I wanted to try it, but I didn’t want to waste tummy space in case I didn’t like it… It was a risky move.

Well that just confused me more about what to order. And these boards didn’t help.


Even once I’d finally made my choice, I saw these babies and suddenly wondered if I should bring these home with me.

Sit down, Bianca. Never buy food on an empty stomach.

What better way to get in all your nutrients than packed into a juice? Dad got the M Tonic, which was beets based (typical beetroot lover), and Mum go the Pick Me Up.

I went for the Detox, which was a blend of pineapple, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger and cilantro (coriander). I don’t think I’ve ever drunk so much coriander before coming to LA.

Ming was determined to get the Chai Tea Latte. So she did.

Okay, we’ve got to the good stuff. Ming and Mum’s smelt insane. They both got the Thai Curry Bowl with Brown Rice Salad.

Ming’s was slightly different since she got with with black cod and with these crazy zero-calorie noodles. It smelt so, so, so nice that each chew of my petty salad was filled with hatred.

Fine, it wasn’t really a ‘petty’ salad. It was really good, and I know it is because I made sure I asked them what their best salad was. The M Chopped. I don’t know if that’s because they chopped up some avocado on it or what, but it was a delicious mix of everything good and healthy in this world. I still wish I could have drowned it in that curry sauce though.

Dad had the Tuna Tataki Salad, which I know for a fact was delicious because he did not offer anyone any of it.

Juice and salad – this entire trip, my body was basically gold inside. I really need to start making more salads. And juice. Any excuse to buy at Vitamix.

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