Netil Market & Broadway Market, London

So after getting back to the gorgeous and (very surprisingly) sunny London, it was our mission to keep going to different markets every weekend. However, this Sunday, one market turned into… a little more than one. So yeah, this is post is a teeeeny tiny little bit longer than the others. Just kick back though, maybe grab a snack, as you’ll probably get a bit hungry. Something with cheese.
Out of my long lists of markets I need to hit up (I definitely need to get on to writing a post about the best markets to visit in London this summer), the choice eventually swayed over to Netil Market. I hadn’t really heard too much about it, so I didn’t really know what to expect. On the train there, I went on their website, and found that they had a few of my favourite traders there, like Lucky Chip?! I tried not to get too excited in case it was too good to be true. Although I had to share this little snippet of info with Boy, and he got excited which got me excited. Dammit. We finally got there, and man was it glorious.

Vendors and stalls selling literally the biggest range of things. But lets concentrate on the food for now. The first thing we saw was Morty & Bob’s Grilled Cheese. Perfect for our hungover state.

And there was Bao Bar, from Bao. I’ve always wanted to try Bao, being half-Asian, to see if it will live up to these Far-East raised taste buds. This was my chance. The day had come.

Born & Raised pizzas had a pizza oven in this vehicle, which was the coolest thing ever.

Fin and Flouder, who I’d never seen before, were also there. They did (obviously) fish-based dishes, and since my hungover state wasn’t really feeling fish, we didn’t venture over to them. Although everything looked SO good. I definitely will be hunting them down again soon.

Breddos Tacos were also among those who were there. All in all, there were plenty of goodies to choose from. Dammit, now to pick. Or get them all?

Our thirst was getting to us first though, so we popped round to Street Shakes to get some juice. Yeah, it was pretty hard not going for a Peanut Butter or Salted Caramel Shake. I needed to save tummy space for the rest of the goods.

Boy went for The Root (apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger), and I went for The Hulk (pear, mint spinach, ginger, lime, avocado). Look at us being so healthy.

… Which lasted a good 15 minutes, until our food was ready. Yep, Lucky Chip was there, and there wasn’t anything that was going to stop us from getting our favourite Kevin Bacon.

It wasn’t as incredible as the first time we had it (potentially one of, if not the, best burger we’ve had), but it was still good. And I still ate it. I guess it was just a little disappointing after such a high level of expectation from the first experience!

Mama’s hungry. And if you didn’t think I was a little piggy before, you definitely will now. If only you were there to experience the dribble of meat sauce and cheese on my face. I’m a delight to eat with.

Next up was our Grilled Cheese. Boy and I fought over the bacon or the pulled pork, but I eventually won when we were told the pulled pork was their best. Winner. Every. Time.

Boy also saw they had Lingham’s Chilli Sauce, which his mum absolutely loves, so we poured it on to dip our sandwiches in. Grilled cheeses in the sun? I think you’ve painted the perfect picture in your head.

Okay, that didn’t stop me there. My mind was set on a Bao and nothing was going to stop me from having it. I was all, oh, I’ll wait a bit till later to get it. A few people turned up and I was like oh look, people have come here just to get some Bao. A few people turned into a lot, and then a FREAKING MASSIVE QUEUE. I took some stalker pictures for you but the post got a bit long so I took them out. But trust me, I was shocked and my competitive instinct kicked in. A part of me wanted to wait it out, but it just kept getting longer that I had to jump in the queue to bag myself a Bao before it was too late. And even though I was full, everyone was queuing so I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

And there it was – their classic Pork Belly Gua Bao, which was a steamed bun with slow braised pork belly, caramelised peanut shavings and home pickles.

Okay, I know I was full, but I had to get their Soya Milk Fried Chicken too. It was boneless chicken thigh nuggets marinated in soya milk and twice fried. It was because everyone in front of me was ordering it, so I knew it must be good. Also, it meant the total came to seven pounds, and I had a fiver and a 2 pound coin ready to go. It was like destiny.

She asked me if I wanted hot sauce on it. I nodded like a good little half-Asian girl.

Once I’d absolutely stuffed myself and stunned Boy at how much I could put away (really, he shouldn’t be surprised by now), we walked it off by looking around the rest of Netil Market.

Hello, Lionel.

Not only was it full of treats, it had a terrace which would have been so nice to lay out on and have some drinks. Next time.

We strolled along on our way home when we ran into this sign. Obviously you would go in the direction of tacos.

Sure, trick the chubby girl inside of me. I was lead into the Schoolyard Market, which is held in the playground of a primary school. On a Sunday it’s the London Fields Sunday Market, but on Saturday it’s a part of Broadway Market. It was so cool – it had so much stuff that I almost wish I hadn’t eaten so much so I could eat more.

We ran into Bad Brownie, who I saw at Hawker House and actually never got the chance to try the flavours I wanted to, although I did snatch their famous Salted Caramel at London’s Largest Bake Sale. The good thing about this was that I could just pack them up and take them home.

What would I take home? Ah, some Peanut Butter. This was the BOMB if you like peanut butter. Which you totally should. Unlike boy.

The Bacon & Maple Syrup were being snatched up, so obviously I had to get the rest. I didn’t like it nearly as much as the Peanut Butter I’ll be honest, but it was clearly so popular that it must be a matter of taste.

There were so many other flavours to choose from, but I eventually went with their special which was Matcha Green Tea & White Chocolate. Also delicious. And very well received by Mama Bridges.

The rest can only be described as delicious. Just look at the buns for these Duck Confit Burgers.

And Mr. Musubi, although not 100% knowing what it is, looks like something I would scoff up in about 2 minutes. Their mouth-watering description and the fact that this guy is holding some impressive fire-related machinery to make it has sold me instantly.

And, god, Eat N Mess. If I could buy everything, I would. I had to actually turn my head away and leave with nothing or I would have taken down the whole shop.

I’m not even kidding though. Look at their loaves. They had an Oreo Loaf, Red Velvet Loaf, Ferraro Rocher Loaf, Blueberry Elderflower & Almond Loaf, Cinnamon Pecan Streusel Loaf, EVERY LOAF IN THE WORLD THAT LOOKED SO DELICIOUS.

Walk away, Bianca, walk away.

And we did, and ended up only at the rest of Broadway Market. It was magnificent. Broadway Market was big – It was all down the long road, full of stalls and people and everything good in the world.

Like Meringue Girls. I also tried them at London’s Largest Bake Sale, and I’m not really a fan I’ll be honest (maybe I’m just not that keen on meringue?) but they sure as hell are beautiful, and I’d buy them for that alone.

But there’s all sorts of things. Baked goods, meats, flowers, fruit, veg, everything. Even dudes making their own ginger beer right in front of your eyes.

Such a chilled Sunday. I clearly wasn’t the only person feeling this way. Just look at this road of sunbathers lounging out at the market.

Weekend markets is officially a thing. Only the rest of my list to go!

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