Shakes at The Punchbowl, Los Angeles

Don’t be fooled by the title. You might be thinking “Oh that’s nice, Bianca’s stopped taking food too seriously and she’s rewarded herself with a nice, big milkshake”. Wrong. Kate Hudson didn’t get her banging body from slurping down a fat Oreo shake.
However, if you’re getting a shake from The Punchbowl, then that’s a different story. Healthy, organic and natural, these babies are what dreams are made of.

We stopped here before our hike at Runyon Canyon, which depending on who you are, is either the place to be seen or a typical tourist move. I was there for both reasons. And potentially to finally spot a celebrity. This could be my moment!

As always, we were very excited. My smile is fake here by the way, I was starving and when I’m hungry I get very grumpy.

Now the only problem was what to pick…

There was no chance I was getting a pressed juice instead since I was so hungry, but I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t tempting to get one for later.

Look how pretty!

As was the rest of the little shop.

Not only that, but I genuinely feel like they’re nice people. I’ve never seen another place that offers to pay your parking meter for you! How sweet is that? That’s good karma if I’ve ever seen it.

The best part of it is they’re just like a good bartender in how they pour a little sample of the drink for themselves to taste that it’s made perfectly.

That’s probably why mine came out so delicious. I was a fussy little one and took ages to choose, but eventually went for the Mango Saffron Lassi – mango, saffron, lemon, coconut meat, cardamom, cashew milk, dates, orange blossom and pistachios. The saffron was absolutely gorgeous with it.

Sorry about the over-passionate photo with the smoothie. This was the best of the lot since it didn’t have any smoothie dribbling down my face.

Jeri’s favourite is the Rita Hayworth (eve primrose oil, strawberries, rose water, coconut meat, almond milk and raw honey), so that’s what she and Ming went for.

It was insanely good. I was beginning to doubt my choice, but I didn’t since Ming was a babe and let me sip hers one too many times.

Dad went for the Banana Date, which was a beautiful blend of banana, cashew milk, dates, cinnamon and vanilla, whilst Mum finally decided on the Chocolate Frost, which was banana, cashew milk, cacao, coconut nectar and vanilla. They both tasted like heaven. Mum’s was genuinely like a chocolate milkshake.

The best thing about it was that everyone was for some reason in such a sharing mood. I think we just wanted to try all of them as bad as each other, so we’d pass them around. I probably had more of everyone else’s drink than I had of my own.

We hopped into the car and headed towards Runyon Canyon, which was bustling with people getting fit, and a surprising amount of mothers hiking with their prams. After Instagram stalking, I saw that one of the models I follow was there later that day. Damn it. Ming and Mum also claim they saw Bradley Cooper, but I’m still dubious. Does that count as another 0.5 of a celebrity?

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