Vegan Ice-Cream at Kippy's, Los Angeles

I hope you haven’t turned your nose up me at my vegan posts recently. I’ve heard one or two snarky comments about my lack of meat-eating (you know who you are, haters) but like I said, if it wasn’t delicious, I’d be spitting it out before you can say “bacon cheeseburger”. Fortunately, my aspiring LA dignity hasn’t had to risk that kind of embarrassment, and even better, this is the vegan post to top off all vegan posts. What kind of heartless soul doesn’t like ice-cream? 

Okay, you meat-whores. This little bit’s for you.

Sadly, we’d already eaten at Urth Caffe. WELL IF I’D KNOWN WE’D BE COMING HERE I WOULDN’T HAVE EATEN ANYTHING. Or maybe just a small snack. But still.

Jeri and Sam were hungry before we headed to Kippy’s since they hadn’t eaten, so they stopped off for some treats.

Jeri got an off-the-menu grilled cheese. Ugh, I just want to tell you all about their secret menu and how they tactically locate themselves and how good and cool everything is, but this really deserves it’s own blog post.

I guess I’ll just have to come back next time and do one for you guys! In-N-Out is the fast-food place to go though, so if you get the chance, go go go!

Ah, then there was Kippy’s. There’s always that little room in your tummy for dessert, isn’t there?

Kippy’s is a little raw vegan ice-cream shop. Their ice-cream is made out of coconut cream and raw honey.  How insane is that? You’re more or less eating fruit and pure goodness!

The coconut meat is grinded up then cold-pressed into cream, which is then sweetened with honey and used as the base for all of the flavours.

They even have an ice-cream cleanse where (obviously) all you eat is ice-cream. I think I’ve found my calling. So much better than a juice cleanse!

Their toppings are all also super healthy…

Is this the best shop ever or what? If you’re a vegan, I bet you’re weeping sweet tears of joy right now. You’re very welcome.

Check out their flavours. They don’t look weird or anything, either. It looks like creamy heaven.

They also sell Almond Milk LA here in different flavours. LA is just perfect. I’m literally so smitten, I feel like I’m writing about my long lost love or something.

It’s okay, Ming felt the same way.

As soon as I turned around, I caught Mum sampling some flavours. I needed to get in on the action too.

Please don’t count the amount of spoons I’m holding. I needed to try them all, otherwise how would I know which ones I really liked? I could be missing out on gold here!

It was tricky – they were all really good. It didn’t taste like normal ice-cream – no sugar, no crap, no nothing. It was pure flavours made completely naturally, yet with an incredible ice-cream texture. Ben & Jerry’s will never be the same.

I eventually chose the Vanilla Cappuccino, which actually has no caffeine in it since it’s made with ramon dust, and Dark Chocolate, made from cacao nibs. Jeri told me about their magic chocolate shell, which I always used to get when I was little. My favourite thing was getting a whopping great big vanilla cone and having them dip it into the magic chocolate, and watching it harden in 3 seconds seemed like the best thing in the world. Naturally, I had to have it. Pour it on, baby!

I then got this beauty topped off with goji berries and crushed almonds. Om nom nom nom.

Ming with for the Strawberry, which was flavoured with strawberries (dayum really?), and Yoghurt, which was coconut cream fermented, a natural fermented probiotic. And a magic chocolate shell, of course.

There’s no need for any guilt. You just enjoy those scoops. I did.

Dad started getting worked up back at the hotel that we were leaving in an hour and I hadn’t pack yet (oops), so we quickly asked for some takeaway cups and skiddadled outta there.

There’s something about eating something so delicious and knowing it’s good for you. I feel like I want to eat my weights worth of it and absolutely nothing would happen. Maybe a tummy ache eventually? Good thing I bought me some Poo Pourri. Frankie introduced it to me, then I introduced it to Ming and Jeri. I bought a bunch of them to take back with me as presents. Ladies, your lives will never be the same again.


  1. May 14, 2014 / 11:25 pm

    HAHAHAHAHA i really die laughting every single time. I LOVE your way of writing posts. you are so freaking funny….
    "ok this wont get up on ig…it doesnt look like a 900likes pic°

    "you know who you are, haters"

    "Okay, you meat-whores. This little bit's for you."

    "You'll need to read this to get to the food part anyway (or you could just scroll further down, but then in the back of your mind you'll never know if you missed some good stuff…)."

    and soo soo soo many more hahahahahhaaha i swear i love it 😀 😀

    but i sadly have to say: you left LA with ZERO celeb spotting…just saying haha

    • May 15, 2014 / 8:06 pm

      Hahaha, thanks so much Maquil I'm glad SOMEONE thinks I'm funny (it's a tough crowd these days). It means so much that you're enjoying the blog, and I absolutely love when people comment!

      I know right? SO disappointed. I thought LA would be crawling with them. I bet I actually saw some people and didn't even realise!

      B xx

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