BBQ Game Day

I planned a small BBQ for the most recent Bank Holiday Monday. This was stupid for many reasons. 1. Everyone was hungover from the Sunday before, 2. I was extremely unprepared and 3. The weather was shite. On Twitter, I even saw someone describe it as ‘ghetto weather’. What does that even mean??? I then decided to turn it into a game day. HOORAY! I’ve wanted a game day for so long, and I’ve basically lured everyone in with food and tricked them all into playing with me. 
It was time to prepare. 

My job was the rum punch. After the rum punch I had at Boom Burger, I was determined to make one to match it’s supremacy. I didn’t have the exact ingredients I needed, but I made do with what Waitrose had to offer that day.

It wasn’t as good as Boom Burger’s, but holy crap, I had outdone myself! I smugly sipped away whilst offering it to everyone and basking in my glory of a successful punch.

Boy and I turned around and Ming had polished off her glass in about 4 minutes. She hadn’t drank much whilst in Asia and I had to remind her how much alcohol was in that. It’s safe to say the Asian flush wasn’t far behind and she had to take a little time-out.

Like what I taught you when making Cauliflower Pizzas, step one to preparing food is to make sure you have snacks ready to keep you company whilst you’re labouring. Boy had shown me the beauty of cheddar cheese with red onion marmalade on top, and I’ve never looked back since.

Boy was on a roll with making me a very happy little lady. Being the man, he took care of the meat. He got burger mince made from a butchers called Roaming Roosters, which was a mix of ribeye, sirloin, pig’s cheek and bone marrow. I was drooling just thinking about it. Since all I was doing was kicking up my feet and chatting shit as he was busy cooking the salad, I got off my lazy ass and helped prepare the mince.

Oh, but he wasn’t busy enough to try and push meat into my face. Good thing I do weights and was able to resist. Just.

Frankie and Georgie arrived and I skipped over to reward them with my glorious rum punch since they brought over some dishes for the BBQ. Frankie prepared vegetables, which admittedly looked a little soggy, but we whacked them in the oven and the caterpillar turned into a butterfly by the time we ate.

Georgie made chocolate-covered strawberries. Oh Georgie, you know the way to my heart. Two rum punches for you.

As I mentioned, Ming and I flapped around Waitrose earlier that day to gather ingredients we needed, mainly for this dish. It’s an Ottolenghi salad that Boy makes when I’ve been a good girl, and I absolutely love it, so I asked very, very nicely if he’d make it for the BBQ. A soba noodle, aubergine, mango heaven.

That’s right.

Boy had now declared himself head chef of the BBQ. He refused to use the oven and went out in the rain to cook the meat, where my cousin Hamish joined him. Man cook meat outside. Girls stay inside to drink wine and play games.

The BBQ was officially christened, and using it was worth it. Boy hadn’t put on the burgers yet since we were waiting on a couple of other guys to arrive, so he decided to make a little snack for us whilst we played our favourite game, Perudo. This little snacks were ribs from a butcher called Tom Hixon. Boy has raved about them before exclaiming how they were the ‘best ribs ever’, although he’s never made them for me before. Hmph. But the time had finally come.

Try not to lick the screen. Or do. Whatever makes you feel better.

Oh my GOD were they good. This snack turned into a war for the ribs, and this was a war that I was winning. It didn’t matter that there was another rack that was going to be cooked later. Bianca want ribs NOW.

When I was out shopping earlier, Boy texted me to remind me to pick up specifically Smoked Applewood Cheddar, which was the first thing I put in my trolley. Boy is a genius. I know he’ll get super cocky when he reads this. Yeah yeah, you have your moments.

My plate turned out like this…

Well, at least my first serving. I couldn’t let the rest of the burgers go to waste, could I? Just a note, I insisted I had to buy Wilkin & Sons ketchup after having it at Newton Farm. There was no way I was going back to Heinz. I’m officially a ketchup snob, and I’m okay with that.

There’s not a lot better than burgers (sorry, the world’s BEST burgers) and games. Boy should open a burger shop. Then I can eat there for free and get fat and happy.

Oh, and more of the world’s best ribs.

The wine flowed and game day turned into game night. The inevitable “HOW DID YOU NOT GET THAT?” arguments happened with Taboo and lots of hi-fiving went on with a name guessing game that we play every Christmas. I’ll explain the rules one day.

I’ll throw a proper BBQ later this summer and properly document it so you’ll know exactly what to make, how to cook it and what ketchup to use. And it WILL be sunny.

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  1. June 9, 2014 / 10:26 pm

    hahahahha the part about Boy hahah he will laught for SURE when he reads it…"Yeah yeah, you have your moments."
    😀 !!!

    i just wonder where is your besti Hannah? you werent out with her eating since a looooong time (at least her on the blog) and i you didnt mention her in this post as well…isnt she your friend anymore…this cute little super pretty girl?

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