Birds Eye Pay-By-Picture Pop-Up, London

Okay, this happened. Boy and I had a meal where we paid for it by taking pictures and uploading it onto Instagram. I know.
To celebrate the launch of their new Inspirations range, Birds Eye created The Picture House, the first ever pop-up pay-by-picture restaurant. The pop-up was in London but now it’s moved across to other locations in the UK. It’s a pretty clever marketing move – it was so different that it caused a stir online, and people taking pictures and spreading it across social media was spreading it like wildfire. Clever clever. My obsessive picture-taking of food and Instagram habit was finally about to pay off.

You had to apply and be selected to actually be a part of this, so I made Boy step up to the challenge, and he didn’t let me down. Apart from that he was late. Again. So as always, I was all on my lonesome to take some pictures before he arrived.

The hashtag for the evening was #birdseyeinspirations, and so I hit up Twitter to start posting some goods to inform everyone that I was here and about to eat a meal for the price of a picture.

The tweets went up on the big screen, so I got super excited when my tweets were posted. I made sure I put a picture in as well so they went really big on the screen. It was like my 5 minutes of fame.

I think they must have tactically gotten good-looking chefs as well to encourage photo-taking. I was conveniently seated right in front of the kitchen.

They popped open the bottle of red whilst I waited. It started looking awkward after 20 minutes of no-show, and I think everyone thought I’d been stood up as they kept asking me if I was alright or needed anything or if I wanted to start without him. HE’S COMING I SWEAR.

I think everyone else was more relieved that I was when Boy arrived. He poured himself a glass of wine and tucked into the bread like he was never even absent.

I read up on the menu on the iPad, and it was pretty obvious that we’d order a chicken and a fish dish and share it. I knew it, and Boy was about to know it.

The chefs cooked away, and I got busy on the iPad taking pictures and uploading them.

The first dish was their Fish Chargrills, which was ‘Fish Chargrilled with Sunblushed Tomato, Basil and Oregano’, roasted Jersey Royals, wilted spinach and buttered brown shrimp.

Next up was their Chicken Inspirations – ‘Chicken Inspirations with Galic and Herb Sauce’, crushed ‘Field Fresh Garden Peas’, olive oil poached asparagus and romano pepper gremolata.

I was happy that the food was here and I no longer looked like a rejected loser. All was well in the world.

The answer to “do you want dessert” is always yes. I hadn’t yet committed to a summer diet for a reason. There was two available so again, we ordered one of each to share. That’s tactical thinking for you. The first dessert was so good – Strawberry and Passionfruit Crumble with Vanilla Ice-Cream.

The next was a thick chocolate mousse, and I love chocolate mousse. Boy wasn’t too keen on it since it was a bit too sweet, so he stuck with the other one, which was fine but it made me want the one he was having even more. Dammit.

I did have my fair share of them both.

I was trying to eat lady-like in the picture above and not engulfing my entire spoon into my mouth, but things got a little messy. I should’ve just stuck to what I know best.

Since the food was so quick (it’s mainly frozen foods, duh) we decided to hang around a bit and have some chatties. We both got a green tea and enjoyed it a little longer.

I think I enjoyed this part the most…

What was that total again?

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