Day at Lord's Cricket Ground, London

I hate cricket.
Okay, I take that back. I don’t understand cricket. I’ve grown up with my Dad and Granddad watching it, I’ve watched many (a handful) of cricket games before and yet I’ve had to get someone to explain the rules to me every time. But when your invited by your very own Papa bear to watch England v Sri Lanka in a box at Lord’s, you’d be an idiot to say no. And I, my friend, am far from an idiot. 

You see, it’s not all about the cricket. You spend the majority of it socialising, drinking and, the best part, eating. There is a constant food flow throughout the day. I sadly missed breakfast, but they serve you mini bacon butties and cocktail sausages, which I remember clearly from the last time I was lucky enough to be in a box because I still have dreams about it.
I arrived before lunch, and the Elevenses were out (this is a posh boy boarding school term I only learnt when I was at University – snacks at eleven, it makes sense). And they’re no ordinary snacks… Say hello to a charcuterie of cured British meats and pickles.

Oh, and some nice bread rolls to go with it.

Did I mention the Mini Cornish Pasties & Pies?

Wave hello to the Virgin Mary Shots, Breakfast Radish and Celery Salt.

Just to remind you, virgin as in no alcohol. Someone liked to think otherwise.

And, for my friends only, I’ll share with you my absolute favourite dish of the day – the Lemon and Sea Salt Home-cured Fillet of Salmon with Brown Shrimps and Watercress. Oh my goodness. I hadn’t eaten all day (yes, I realise it was only 11) and I was drooling as soon as I arrived. I can’t tell you how many plates I got of this. Well, I can, but I don’t want to.

After filling myself up to a satisfied amount and preparing my stomach for lunch, we grabbed a seat outside to actually watch a little bit of cricket.

This didn’t last too long. We chatted away for a while until I realised it was an appropriate time to have a drink in my hand.

… And some more salmon.

Just when I turned to look at the field again, something else caught my attention. How could I watch cricket when there was lunch being brought in? My eyes widened as one by one these dishes were paraded in front of my nose. First in was more pies.

Next was the Beetroot Cured Salmon. This picture looks like I’ve enhanced the colour, but I swear I’ve left it exactly how it was. It was that vibrant.

The next guest at this little party was the Roast Sirloin of Aged English Beef with Green Bean, Artichoke and Shallot Salad on the side, topped with Grain Mustard Dressing. I didn’t go for the beef, but the salad was goooood.

I sadly didn’t go for this either since I was off to my Summer Ball after this and therefore wanted my tummy to be nice and flat for the millions of pictures that would be taken. It was Herb Baked Gnocchi with Baby Leeks, Courgettes and Blue Cheese. Actually, I’m not that big of a fan of blue cheese so maybe I’m not so sad after all.

Luckily, there was other healthy (healthier?) stuff that I did tuck my way into. Roast Aubergine, Chickpea and Mushroom Salad with Minted Yoghurt Dressing.

As well as the Heirloom Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion and Basil Salad.

Shit, okay, THIS was good. Grilled Chicken Satay, Lemongrass and Coconut Sauce with Toasted Peanut and Cashew Salsa. I piled my dish high with this baby.

And of course, it was destined to be partnered with the Pilau Rice, which was topped with coconut flakes. My concern for my tummy in my white dress suddenly went out of the window. I need lots of carbs for energy tonight, okay?

Food makes people happy.

Like I said before, sadly I had to be off to catch a train to Bath for the Summer Ball, so I had to leave after lunch. Will sent me pictures of the dessert I missed out on, the English Strawberries with Vanilla Cream and Mini Meringues. Bastard. I knew there’s usually Afternoon Tea later on too (although I think England did so badly that the game was over before tea could be served) so I was sulking a little on the train. And was also a little tipsy by then.
At the Ball I told the guys that I was at Lord’s earlier in the day. They were impressed with me until they asked me what the score was. Errrrr…. 

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