Dinner at Princess Garden Of Mayfair, London

After lunch at Granger and Co, I skipped along to be reunited with my other-half. I knew this meant that I would be drinking. There wasn’t a doubt in the world that we wouldn’t be chatting away with some sort of beverage in my hand that my mother would not approve of. I got a text “At Bluebird drinking Pimms with Georgie” and next thing I knew, exactly that happened. But HOORAY, I’ve been reunited with my girlies! Everyone’s been at uni and away (as have I), so since summer’s here I finally feel like I have friends back in London!
Coincidentally, Lucy sent me a text saying she was in London and invited us out to dinner with her on behalf of her Papa. Could this day get any better?

It could. We were eating at Princess Garden, which is a Chinese restaurant that’s been on my list of places to go to ever since Theo Randall told me how good their dim sum is. And good dim sum anywhere outside of Asia is like bloody gold.

Lucy’s boyfriend also graced us with his presence, and impressively grown beard. Lucy’s into that.

You know what I’m into? Wonton soup.

Photobombed my wonton. How dare she. Everyone went for Chicken and Sweetcorn, Crab and Sweetcorn, but I was hungry, wonton was more filling and was calling my name. It was like the lover I didn’t know I had.

Soon enough, the chilli sauces were brought out, which only meant one thing: Food was coming. YAY!

And holy crap, did it come. I was put in charge of dim sum duty, which is actually a lot harder than it sounds. I basically asked for enough dim sum for 8 people. BOOM…

It was a beautiful sight. I’m into dim sum, too.

Thankfully, so was everyone else.

I haven’t had a good Char Seow Bao in the longest time. Frankie found her new love, and it was in the form of a steamed pork bun.

Sociable Sally’s over there. It’s nice too see you too, guys.

It’s okay, I was distracted by the duck. And duck meant duck pancakes.

Mine burst a little, but at least you can see the inside in all it’s glory! The duck made so many pancakes that there was enough for everyone and heaps left over. I guess I’ll have to step up to the plate.

Good thing they were delicious.

I would have demolished all the pancakes if it wasn’t for these next dishes. Oh my goodness. I got the feeling that whatever the Princess Gardens did, they did well. But man, were these noodles good.

And some greens. My favourite Asian greens are pak choi. I love love love it.

There was also a last little pork dish, which I didn’t actually have. I know I’m a food blogger. Don’t hate. I DIDN’T FEEL LIKE IT OKAY LEAVE ME ALONE.

Although I did have this. It was basically scrambled egg with soy sauce and crab. I don’t understand how this was good, but it was. Oh, it was.

It didn’t look the prettiest, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover, okay? It’s like me in my podgier days. I’m funny, honest. And no, not funny looking.

We ate, and ate, and chat, and ate, and stared at other people’s dishes, especially this super cool one on FIRE.

The wine had been flowing, and unknowingly I’d probably drank a little more than I thought. But that’s okay because it meant that it only made sense to go out to a bar after! Good idea team!


  1. June 7, 2014 / 9:43 pm

    You would be so proud: when I moved to Cali, my first meal in LA was dimsum. My then-boyfriend was Taiwanese and he took me on the most epic eating tour of LA. I STILL dream about it. This post made me smile so much.

    PS I'm also into that beard. How does one wonton soup with such a beard? I was hoping for a video demo of that 😉

    Christina (Dessert for Two girl—I can't comment with my Name/URL, but I wanted you to know it's me! 😉

    • June 8, 2014 / 8:08 am

      Oh my god that actually sounds incredible. Taiwanese know their shit as well! I'm so jealous!

      Hahaha I actually think he got wonton as well! I'm not too sure but I have a new respect for him now that you've pointed it out.

      B xx

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