Lunch at Moltto and Gelato at Llinares, Valencia

Valencia is the city!
All the places we’ve been so far have been very tourist-based. This was probably the first city we’ve been to where it’s like, a proper working, living city – is that odd to say? Probably because it’s the third largest city in spain (I found that out when I googled to confirm Valencia was spelt correctly).

Sure, we did as much touristy stuff as we could anyway. You can’t expect much less from the Bridges family. Every corner in Valencia was met with a sculpture of some sort or art, which was so gorgeous. And did I mention this chapel?

Ming and I weren’t prepared to pay for entry, so we snuck around the exit. Bad-ass, I know. Rebel without a cause. We only wanted a peak, anyway.

We then had to search high and low for a shot glass to add to Ming’s new shot glass collection. She found an adorable one with paella on it, since paella was founded in Valencia. What was that? Another local delicacy? I guess you already know what we were going to have for lunch. So predictable.

Valencia was the stop I’d been waiting for, because where there’s a big city in Spain, there’s Zara. And everyone knows Zara so much cheaper here than anywhere else. I needed to load up my summer wardrobe. Way better than a paella shot glass. Okay, I lied, I was a little jealous, and retail therapy was there to comfort me. And comfort me it did.

I hadn’t researched any places to go since everyone was planning on being super boring and eating lunch on the boat, which actually isn’t that stupid since it’s free and delicious, but we were only in Valencia once! And if paella is a delicacy, that was what we were going to have. Therefore we chose the first restaurant in the touristy square that we saw, shamelessly parading their paella to innocent, unsuspecting tourists.

Moltto didn’t just do paella, they had a whole selection of pizza, sandwiches, pastries, everything.

I should’ve just gotten pastry and a coffee. Pastries always look incredible. Icing sugar dusting is just teasing me.

Dear God of all that is sweet and good in this world just look at that cake.

The service was extremely meh. I wouldn’t recommend coming here, I’ll be honest. Like I said, fine for a pastry and coffee stop whilst you’re exploring, but the food was pretty average too. Grandma got a slice of pizza, which actually looked great. It’s hard to get wrong though unless you’re an idiot, and you shouldn’t have a restaurant if you are.

The salad was… okay. That was clearly all the vegetable I was going to get.

Dad, Ming and Hamish went for the seafood paella, which was originally what I was going to order but I changed my mind at the last minute. I think I felt a little ill from the overload of seafood recently. Mama needs some meat.

Mum got the chicken paella, and I knew that was what I wanted too.

Although it was already made at the front of the shop, it somehow took them about 20 minutes for them to get it to me. I would’ve walked up and done it myself although I would have probably gotten punched in the face for being a smug foreigner.

Like I said, pretty average. Thank goodness the gelato shop next door made up for it. I originally wasn’t going to have any since I wasn’t feeling my best, but it didn’t really take a lot of convincing. I’m weak.

Just look at all those flavours! There was doughnut flavour. Croissant flavour. Candy Crush flavour. This shop is crazy! HOW COULD I NOT GET SOMETHING?

Grandma went for a cheeky scoop of mint chocolate chip.

I can’t really remember what Ming and Hamish got, but it was delicious, and I know this since I insisted that I have a taste of both of theirs. You know, for the blog. Obviously. It was definitely something chocolatey, like Cookies or Twix or something.

Also a perfect Instagram opportunity. 

Little sick me wasn’t feeling up for a cone, but it came with a mini one anyway. SO cute! I

I couldn’t decide, there were far too many flavours, and I was far too sober to make any quick decisions. As I always do, I asked what was the best flavour, and the reply of “Dark Chocolate” was so confident that there was no way I wasn’t going for it.

Mama was a clever lady and went for the same.

Now everyone’s may have been delicious, but mine was INSANE. Velvety, smooth, rich and mmmmmmmm. Just look at that texture.

I miraculously felt better whilst I was eating it, but then even worse after. Sometimes sacrifices must be made, and this was so worth it.

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  1. June 30, 2014 / 2:28 am

    Yeah, that mini cone is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

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