Lunch at Terra Cotta, Propriano

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been on a little holiday recently. 
My family took my sister and I on our first cruise a few years ago, and this Summer has been our third. And this isn’t some Thomas Cook 1,000+ people extravaganza, it’s a small boutique cruise that holds about 400 people. Yes I was the youngest person on the cruise, but Betsy and Ernie and I have all become fantastic friends, I’ll have you know. My favourite thing about being on a cruise is you wake up at a different place everyday to explore, like here…

Paradise, no?

After landing in Monaco at hopping onto our cruise, the next morning we woke up bright and early in Propriano, Corsica. I was wearing a super cute playsuit so I obviously insisted on a picture of me roaming the streets.

Now if I was on my own or with Boy (okay, and if it wasn’t scorching hot outside) I would have eaten lunch here. This place is called Tempi Fa’, and it sells cured meats, cheeses and wines, with a couple of tables outside to sit and eat there.

Lots of wine.

Since we’d only been there for about 5 minutes before discovering the place, I was dragged away to an even more beautiful sight. I clearly thought I was a born photographer for the next hour since I discovered that half my photos on my laptop are scenic and attempts at being artistic. 

Check out the cruise in the background of the photo above! You can basically see into my room from there, cheeky.

We made a little friend along the way (who I fell in love with) and he wouldn’t stop following us. I wanted to take him home with me and feed him free cruise food for the rest of the trip.

He even lay with us when we finally settled on a spot at the beach. My cousin Hamish, Ming, Dad and I soaked up the sun whilst chatting away, and of course I dozed off. Clearly for not long enough since I was still pretty pale when I woke up. Dammit.

Look at me, I’m basically Delux Ultra White. Tanning was going to be a mission on the cruise. I refuse to come back pale – how will everyone know I’ve been a lady of leisure on holiday??

It was finally time for lunch, so we packed up and headed back to town. Since we knew absolutely nothing about Propriano and Dad likes to be prepared, it was officially my given duty (I was actually instructed to him to do this and it was entitled as my job for the trip, thanks Dad) to find a restaurant to go to. Good thing Tripadvisor has been invented. My lying would have to improve by 1000% otherwise.

We stumbled pass Terra Cotta by pure luck, and it was coincidentally the number one restaurant in Propriano according to Tripadvisor. Coincidence… or destiny?

I ignored the heaps of bread and we were lucky enough to bag a table outside since it was gorgeous (and shaded, thankfully). I needed hydration, and it came in the form of a beautiful glass bottle.

Terra Cotta did casual presentation well. The wine cooler for our rosé was a plastic bag filled with cold water and ice, which I thought was so cute.

Then the food stalking began. I don’t know what comes over me, it’s like an uncontrollable wave of urgency to take pictures and show you all EVERYTHING that I can. Like, if you ever go and eat there, it’s important to know what it looks like. And you all know I’ve (successfully) tried to order and eat two/three dinners at once for more photos, and it really just needed to stop.

There was a pasta topped with prawns, ‘Spaghetti aux Gambas, Sauce Crémée au Pesto, Jus de Crustacés’ (we’re in France, remember). Everyone was ordering it and it looked incredible. If my eyes could drool… They’re also known as tears.

Pasta? On day one of a bikini holiday? I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Neither could this lot – on average a person will put on 7 to 14 pounds on a 10 day cruise, and I needed all the willpower I could get to try and defeat this average. NO WAY IN HELL was that going to happen to me!

We went for the set menu which was pretty reasonable. It was one plate and one dessert for 24 euros, but without the dessert just 22 euros for the plate. All the mains normally were over 27 pounds anyway, so it was so worth it. Dad got the tartare, ‘Fraîcheur de Thon Mariné Citron Vert et Cap Corse, Légumes Croquants D’été, Pignons et Fines Herbes’, which was stunning. Also extremely good.

Ming and Hamish both went for the ‘Filet de Loup Poêlé Sur Sa Peau Croustillante, Marinière de Tomates et Aromates’. Does it sound like my French is fluent? Oui? No? I’m typing it out from the menu, and damn these accents are tricky. I’m kind of jumping with joy a little when there are a few words in a row without any.

So back to the dish (sorry). There was a lot of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the tomato marinade. I wanted to hate it and declare my dish the winner, but it was actually delicious.

I DECLARE MINE THE WINNER ANYWAY. Everyone’s meal was delicious – eating by the port more or less guaranteed fresh fish (and I don’t even want to know about a restaurant by a port that doesn’t), but I thought mine was extremely good. Call me bias, whatever, I enjoyed it and THAT’S WHAT MATTERS.

It was a white fish with a vegetable terrine, the ‘Filet de Rascasse Grillé à L’huile de Citron, Crémeux aux Trois Légumes, Écume D’agurmes’. What a beauty. Also, did you notice all of our meals were topped off with foam? Fancy. I felt like I was 2 years old again trying to eat bubbles in the bath.

This is stalker cam at it’s finest. Everyone around us was ordering dessert. And why wouldn’t they, it was a part of the set menu, which of course anyone would go for. They all looked so, so good. I pretty much sussed out what they were as well. I’m such a weirdo, I never thought I’d actually be saying this. Please still like me.

Get ready to tear and eye-drool.

Resist, resist, resist. If I’d known how much I demolished on the time I was on that cruise, I would have kissed myself with happiness that we didn’t have any dessert that day. Instead, we had coffee.

I hope you’re ready for the food is going down in the next few posts. I definitely was not. 

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