Sunday Brunch at Chiltern Firehouse

So there’s this little place called Chiltern Firehouse that you may have heard of. Or maybe not, if you’ve lived under a rock (or not in London, fair enough I’ll give you that). It’s more or less the latest celebrity hotspot. It’s been in all the reviews, all the tabloids, on the lips of everyone. If you want to go for dinner, make a reservation for a few months time. If you want to go on a Friday night and you’re not a celebrity or anyone of importance, you can forget about it. I think “I’m the blogger behind Pretty Hungry” would be met with some laughs. And showing them my Instagram would be seen as borderline (or very) desperate.  
I put on my best phone voice and got myself into a Sunday lunch booking for 2 weeks time. BOOM. I booked for 4 and was sure everyone would be scrambling to take these seats. Oh, how wrong I was. Everyone was hungover, busy, abroad. Great. Perfect date to book it, wasn’t it? Luckily, Boy was my only friend and stood by my side (actually he met me there) to feast at brunch with me.

My taxi door was opened for me by a lovely doorman, who guided me inside. The gardens looked gorgeous and I wondered what I had to do to sit out there. Lucky bastards basking in there on a hot day.

As soon as I walked in, I was hit with the waft of money. Okay, that doesn’t really have a smell, but you know what I mean. I kind of liked it. As I walked through, I just had that feeling that every single person was famous. I tried to strut a little bit to look like I fit in. Fake it till you make it? Yeah. Food blogger. Pretty Hungry. That’s whassup.

I was shown my seat. I booked 2 weeks ahead and I didn’t even land an actual table??????

I was sat by the bar, which was still really cool since it was viewing the open kitchen, but it kind of amazed me how big of a deal this place was.

I ordered a Peach-Apricot Bellini since it was Sunday and champagne made me feel fancy.

Boy was running late so I ordered him a green juice and crossed my fingers that I would get a gold star for ordering.

Thankfully when he arrived he was extremely happy with his juice. He also thought sitting by the bar was really cool and told me good job. Yeah. Totally my choice. You’re welcome.

The kitchen closed at 3.15 (our booking was for 3) and Boy was running late so I took a picture of the menu and sent it over so I could order before he got there. By the time he arrived, we had a few minutes to spare, and bowls of goodness were being presented before our eyes. There was one thing that looked so good that even though we ordered starters and mains already, we had to order this as well to share.

This was the Salad Ni├žoise which was new on the menu. Apparently it’s served a little differently usually, but since we pointed at the dish that was made specially for someone, we got the same thing. And it was a beauty.

It was pretty difficult for it not to be delicious. The Firehouse Caesar was good at well, but I preferred the other one. Instead of the normal chicken, it comes with crispy chicken skin, which boy loved, but it’s a matter of taste really! It wasn’t anything over-the-top spectacular, but you can’t really expect that much with a Caesar… Or can you?

The last dish to start was the Steak Tartare, made with pine nuts and chipotle.

I picked up the two wooden spoons and it was then my ultimate duty to mash it all together. It was very, very, very good. Definitely worth ordering.

Then, our mains. We both went for eggs since it was brunch (even though it was 3pm, but it’s Sunday so really it’s whenever). Boy chose the Eggs in the Pot since it came with asparagus. It didn’t arrive as we thought it would, but he really enjoyed it still. I had a taste and I was a bit like, meh. At least he liked it and that’s all that matters!

I went for the Mushroom and Vegetable Hash which was topped with poached eggs and hollandaise. It was delicious, and I bet it would have been even better if I went for the beef version, but I was trying to be super healthy (okay, apparently from the hollandaise, but it’s Sunday!).

I got busy. I hadn’t eaten all day, which was probably the first time that’s happened. Ever.

Oh, we also ordered a side of broccoli too. You know, to be more healthy.

The first thing Boy said when he bit into it was “butter”. Probably why it was so good. And definitely why I finished the whole pot.

Since the kitchen was closed, we watched the chefs fry up some burgers for their lunch. Imagine chefs making each other lunch. I bet lunch must be insane everyday.

As we groaned at how full we were but not regretting anything, we got the bill and hopped off along our way to walk it off.

We walked for the rest of the day across London since everywhere we wanted to go (bowling and ping pong) was all closed, so went home and officially started watching Breaking Bad. Good or bad move?

The next time I go to Chiltern Firehouse I’m going to get the Lobster Scrambled Eggs. Or maybe I’ll make it to dinner here and get the Crab Doughnuts. Or maybe I’ll start dating Prince Harry and come here on a Friday night to party with Kate Moss. PLAN!

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