Day at Nikki Beach (Round 2), Mallorca

It’d be wrong to go to Mallorca without hitting up Nikki Beach…

It was my second time to Nikki Beach (see the first time here) and this is where I’ve fallen in love with beach clubs.

We arrived at 1, which we thought was reasonably early but all the beds were being snatched up already. Georgie was on it though, and we had a nice little bed for the 3 of us to bask in  the heat on.

Who better to come to a beach club with than your girlies? There’s no need to be self-conscious since they’ve seen it all before, and, lets be honest, everything’s just a lot more fun.

We popped out bags down, our shoes off, and got ready to be brought the drinks that our bed came with.

And when I said drinks, I mean Dom.

We tried to hustle a couple of bottles of Taittinger instead of one Dom, but it was a no go. Ah well, as if we were going to complain with that. All we needed right now was our sunscreen and champagne to start the day off on the right, non-sunburnt note.

I’m going to be honest, there’s not a huge amount to write about the day, just a lot of pictures, so I hope you’re ready for them!

The first time we went, we had a sushi boat, and I’ve dreamed of it ever since. There was NO way any of us were leaving without scoffing sushi down our throats, so I thought I’d order it as a thank you to Georgie for letting us stay with her.

The waiter looked at us. “It’s for minimum 6 people” he stuttered. Oh, please. Bring on the sushi boat.

There it was in all its glory.

The attack began right away.

We were inhaling it at an unreal speed since we were starving. Then we reached that fatal point. The point where you’re starting to get full, yet there’s still so far to go. And the thing was now we had something to prove to the smug waiter. DON’T GIVE UP LADIES KEEP PUSHING.

6 people my ass.

The later in the day it got, the better the music got. I love the saxophonist and violinist here.

Between dancing and just general sweating, pool breaks were more of a necessity.

Which really just meant another backdrop for photos. Hooray!

Don’t thank me for your new profile pics just yet, ladies.

Then – oh, oh, is that a magnum of rose we ordered?

Yep, it was, although there were zero reasons to feel anything close to a baller. Especially when there was a table of men beside us ordering pyramids of champagne, delivered by the waiters dressed as gladiators.

Did they drink it? No. Did they spray it all over each other? You betcha.

The champagne showers happened 3 times whilst we were there. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH CHAMPAGNE THAT IS? That could stock me up for God knows how long. I used to think champagne showers were super cool until this made me realise that sticking my face in with my mouth open nearby would’ve been a lot less wasteful.

Yes, it came in a yellow submarine one time too, with the song playing in the background. But really, who needs that when you can get a big jug of passionfruit mojito with 3 ridiculously long straws? THAT’S RIGHT.

After several long hours sweltering in the sun, drunken dancing and lots of giggling, we decided it was about right to take ourselves home. Nikki Beach, I love you!

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