Dinner at Koi, Mallorca

If there’s one thing girls can binge on throughout the day, it’s sushi and cocktails. As if I didn’t have enough at Nikki Beach, we headed down to the port for dinner the next day to Koi. I didn’t really know what I thought about having sushi in Spain – let’s be honest, it’s no Asia. I can barely eat sushi in the UK without turning my nose up at ‘fast food’ sushi. God, I’m a little snob! It’s the half-Asian in me, okay?

Nonetheless, I rarely pass up on sushi. White rice and all. It was our last dinner in Mallorca, and we were ready to stuff our faces and chat a lot of shit.

Of course Frankie grabs the cocktail list first.

We’re sensible ladies though. We’ll order some water too.

Frankie ordered the Caipifresa, which we all thought was a bit of a wild card order, but turns out it was probably the most delicious thing to hit my lips all weekend. It’s like she can just sniff the good ones out. What a gift.

The rest of us went for Strawberry Daiquiris, which were insanely good too, so I wasn’t complaining one bit.

Then we got down and dirty with the sushi menu.

First essential – Edamame Beans. Smothered in rock salt, just how I like it.

Then came our first round of food. Feast your eyes on their special of the day…

It’s always fun to see how much of the prawn people will eat. I’ll eat the tail and usually dig a reasonable way into the head until it gets pretty gross. Does anyone know where the poo is kept? I always think it’s that line of black in their bodies so I always take it out but I could be completely wrong. Hmmm…

Anyway, then we ordered some Gyoza! Yippeeee! It was delicious, but I like to think mine’s better (cue smug emoji face, hehe).

Then the Black Tiger Prawn Tempura. This is usually a hit or miss for me since it’s a bit too fried, but I was in the mood for them and therefore they were great.

After gobbling away, it was round 2 for cocktails, and Frankie was extremely smug when we all ordered her cocktail. Yeah yeah, you picked well.

Then it came. Just look at it. Maybe get yourself a snack whilst you read the rest, these photos will probably makes you preeeetty hungry (get it? I’m hilarious).

We ordered 3 types of Ura-Maki. First, the Ebiten Roll – Shrimp Tempura with Avocado and Tempura Flakes.

Second down was one I insisited on – Spicy Tuna, which was Tuna, Avocado, Daikon and Chives.

Last but not least, the San Francisco Roll – Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Topped with Salmon Flambeed and Teriyaki.

MMMMMM sushi!

It wasn’t long before our plates may as well have been picked up and licked clean by us. We were hungry little ladies, so we thought maybe we’d just get one more dish…. Tempura Futomaki. Tuna and Avocado with Spicy Sauce.

It was debatably the best of the lot, or maybe we just thought that since there was only one plate on the  table and we had to fight a little harder for a piece.

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