Dinner at Pura Vida Social Club, London

It was one of those things that Ming told me about and I was all “Sure, I’ll go”, not really knowing what it was. I don’t really know how to describe it, so I’ve hit up their website. Pura Vida Social Club is a “monthly mid-week gathering bringing together like minded people for an evening of food, music, craft and conversation for the mind, body and soul”. So it was like this hippie, vegan thing? I was down with that.

Plus, it meant that I got to hang out with this bronzed stunner.

We had our coupons in hand and were ready to rumble.

I don’t really¬†know what I was expecting, since I knew nothing about the place. It’s in Haggerston, and it’s in the building that Fairground is. It’s a very big room, really.

The DJ was armed with a keyboard, which I loved!

Ming and I got there reasonably early, and people were slowly piling in. To be honest, we got there early because they e-mailed saying there was a blessing at 7, and I was ready to be blessed and have my sins cleansed from me. No blessing. I was disappointed. Instead, we wandered around to see what they were selling. Ming got really into the crystals since she was planning to buy some from Australia before.

We also perved on the food quite a lot. It wasn’t anywhere near time for it to be served, but hey, a girl can dream.

And they had cocktails. Hooray!

Ming wasn’t drinking since she’s not a huge drinker anyway, so I was a good little sister and stood by her side. Instead, we wandered over to the cold-pressed juice. So much better for us.

They were only serving two types – Green and Spicy Lemonade.

I wasn’t in a green mood, so I picked up a spicy lemonade and we retreated back to our wooden swing bench.

There wasn’t a huge amount to do. Everyone there seemed to already know each other, so Ming and I had each other. This wasn’t really a problem – we spent ages giggling and gossiping with our juices. I say that, when really giggling means horrendously loud or supersonic laughing/cackling, and gossiping is really a nice way to say bitching about our problems.

AH HA – not a huge amount to do, eh? We spotted Wool And The Gang on the other side of the room, and quickly made our way over.

Look how excited Ming’s face is when she gets told we can learn to knit. Don’t you just want to cuddle her up?

We were asked what we wanted to knit. Um, I have absolutely no idea. A scarf? A hat? I think that was a bit far-fetched from our first ever knitting experience. Everyone in ‘the gang’ was so nice, and this lovely lady was wearing a bracelet, so we thought we’d give that a go. We picked our two colours – Ming went for a pink and grey bracelet, where I got some manly black material and navy blue to knit one for Boy.

So I’m not so good at knitting. I mean, I was okay, but there’s this one point where you have to find ‘the loop’ and hook your needle through there, and for some reason I could JUST NEVER FIND IT. I did towards the end though, and there was no stopping me. I thought I was a knitting queen. Old ladies, look out.

Ming was great from the start though. A little guidance and soon I was bugging her asking where the hell this loop was.

TA DAAA! How great are we? It only took an embarrassing amount of time (it actually wasn’t that bad I’m just a bit of a drama queen).

We’d worked up an appetite (well I hadn’t really since I was still full from my Spuntino lunch) so we got in line for our vegan food.

There were four big bowls of savoury salads, so we just got a bit of each. The first was my unexpected favourite – Pearl Barley with Broad Bean and Spinach Pesto and Toasted Hazelnuts.

Next was a Quinoa and Golden Raisin Salad with Spring Onions and Cashew Nuts. I had to pick out the red pepper here because it’s not really my favourite thing.

The Raw Zucchini Noodles with Sundried Tomato Sauce was really good too. Love a bit of zucchini noodles.

Last of all was the Raw Kale with Hemp Oil, Mango and Tamari Omega Seed Mix. This was a lot nicer than I expected it to be since I don’t usually rate raw kale and have to stick it in my smoothies so I don’t taste it. The mango really made it.

Hooray for vegan food! Probably just what I needed after my lunch meat feast, although I actually really didn’t need any food at all, but hey, it came with my ticket so I may as well get my money’s worth!

I deleted a lot of pictures around the following. Eating gracefully isn’t something I’m aware of.

We were too stuffed for our Cacao Torte or Sweet Potato Cashew Pudding dessert. We debated going to Queen of Hoxton, but there wasn’t a huge amount of point if we weren’t drinking, so I gave little Ming a kiss and we parted ways. I found myself texting her to tell me when she’d met up with her friends. Since when did I become an overprotective mother?

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