Bluebird Tea Co. Taste Test

This is a long overdue post. A while back, I was chatting with the founder of Bluebird Tea Co. and the next thing you know, a nice little box of tea samples arrived for me. Hooray! The only thing is, I had a little camera memory card misplacing incident…. but we don’t need to get into that. All that matters is the photos are here, the teas are still as fantastic as ever and I’M WRITING THIS NOW. 

Just look at the teas, all beautiful with the beautiful garden background. Clever, eh?

Not only do they do supercool types of teas, they do MATCHA TEA TOO. And everyone knows how much I’m into a good matcha tea for some morning energy.

On top of their name (obviously), they circle what type of tea, how much you need, water temperature, brewing time, milk or no milk, etc.

So as every good taste test should include, more or one opinion had to be involved. That’s why I called my troops for backup for this one. There were 6 teas to try, and 6 of us. I couldn’t have asked for a better match made in heaven if I tried. I therefore played tea fairy for the afternoon.

First tea was Earl’s Paradise. I didn’t think twice who to match this with – Mama Bridges – the ultimate Earl Grey drinking. If anyone was going to get critical about a good cup of Earl, this chick was.

I passed it to her whilst she was chowing down on a macroon. She loved it.

I made Dad the Mint Choc Rooibos. 

He was also extremely happy. If you like a sweet, minty tea, you won’t go wrong. He didn’t go for his option of milk though, so it could’ve also tasted nice and creamy.

Ming demanded to have All Things Nice since it was a white tea (very healthy), which was gorgeous. I’m a sucker for anything with rose buds.

Ming sipped away at an extremely yummy tea and soaked in all her health benefits along with it.

I went for Vicky’s Sponge Cake, which was a black tea.

I’m not really into sweet teas, and I never put sugar in my black tea, so this was just too naturally sweet for my liking. It was delicious for anyone who does like that sort of thing though.

Last of all, Grandma had the Birthday Cake. The pack was full of stars! I love how pretty these teas are.

Grandma loves all tea. It wasn’t surprising that she was a happy bunny too.

I went back to the kitchen to catch Mum making another cup of the Earl’s Paradise.

Tea thief.

*Just a note, I didn’t get paid for this post. All opinions are of the tea fairy and her crew. If people would like to pay me, however, go for it – All opinions will still be honest and the same though!

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