Brunch at El Chiringuito, Ibiza


After Boy and my bright decision to hit the casino the night before, followed by my great organisation to pack at 2am, my 3am taxi ride to the airport drifting in and out of sleep wasn’t very enjoyable.

But once we landed in the sunshine and arrived at the beach club just as it was opening, all the sleepiness disappeared. All that mattered was worrying about how I was going to survive solid days of non-stop drinking and remembering to suck in whilst wearing a bikini.

It was too early for brunch to be served, so we went ahead and got some juice to line our stomach before copious amounts of alcohol.

Still, that didn’t stop us from browsing the menu.

However, it wasn’t the menu we were ordering off.

We were all here for Frankie’s early 21st birthday celebration. Brunch would be no normal brunch. A meal would be no normal meal.

And an hour into landing, there it was. The alcohol was starting.

But at least there was food. And a lot of it.

Holy crap. Okay Bianca, don’t panic.

I tried to pick out the healthy things (the pain au chocolat is so small that it barely counts, right?) since I knew that the whole Ibiza trip I would be stuffing my face with incredible food and gulping down intoxicating beverages.

But then the platters of sandwiches came, and this mindset went out of the window for the rest of the trip.

There was more food than we could consume. We abandoned ship and lay on the beach for a while/made sandcastles/rode the waves. I forgot how much I missed a beach!

It was so hot, and why have water when you can have an Acai Berry Smoothie?

I wasn’t even hungry. It made me so much more full. But it was delicious.

Everyone else had left back to the hotel, but a few of us were staying with Frankie and her family at the villa, so we stayed behind to wait till the adults had finished their lunch. This meant that we were left with a dessert menu. Oh no.

It happened.

No, not just one.

WE WEREN’T EVEN HUNGRY. But we couldn’t decide on one dessert, so we had to order 4.

And even though we’d already eaten about our body’s weight worth of food a mere hour ago, suddenly it was the battle of the spoons and we were acting like we hadn’t eaten in a month.

Watch out, Ibiza!

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