Camping in Colorado (Part 2)

I promised you Peanut Butter Smores. Here it is.
There’s a little more before we get to that though!
After our setting up shop and our fishing failures, there was one thing that was guaranteed not to fail us – a good old campfire dinner. And if I knew anyone who could do this right, it was these guys. They’ve perfected campsite eating to the tee. 

I was getting excited just looking at the food, still not yet cooked. HOW BIG ARE THOSE MUSHROOMS? I LOVE MUSHROOMS.

It was still raining, by the way, but nothing was stopping these two.

They’re also probably the only people in the world to pack truffle pâté. Not something I was complaining about, at all.

We got cosy with our mushrooms, quiches and truffle goodness.

That wasn’t dinner, by the way. It’s cute if you thought it was.

That was a mere snack whilst dinner was being cooked.

Meet our little camping feast. Steak, chicken, salmon, corn… All beautifully cooked on the fire.

Happy campers. Literally.

Boxed potato salad and coleslaw was passed around to top it all off.

And dessert? Here we go kids – the Peanut Butter Smores have arrived!

They’re simple. Instead of just the normal Smore, you add a Peanut Butter Cup in it! Genius, eh?

I went with dark chocolate (still convinced it’s healthier for me), put it on one graham cracker (the best things in the world) and the peanut butter cup on the other. We placed them close to the fire so they could melt slowly and beautifully.

Now for roasting the marshmallows. We bought giant ones, you know, because who wouldn’t?

Hello, gorgeous.

So turned on right now. It’s a little scary. I know you’re feeling this too. So much passion in every bite.

It was so good that I had to do it twice. And it was difficult not to go again after that.

Then the shots happened.

I’d like to say we were lassoing our head torches and doing a fire dance around the flames, but in reality Frankie and I were exhausted and headed to bed early whilst everyone continued. Party animals, I know.

Let’s skip to breakfast. These guys did not fuck around.

These are truffled scrambled eggs, just to let you know.

And there were chicken skewers too. For breakfast. Did we accidentally camp in heaven?

We chowed down, packed up and headed home since we had somehow camped on the two days of the trip where Colorado decided to rain.

But I wasn’t eaten by bears. Success! 

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