Hiking Hanging Lake, Colorado

Okay, so we didn’t exactly eat lunch at the deli. We ate it here…

Let me start from the beginning! In our jet-lagged states we were up fairly early, so we used that to our advantage and got ready for our hike at Hanging Lake. This meant that we needed to be prepared in all ways: suncream, water, backpacks, and of course we needed to sort out our lunch.

We crowded around the laptop to take turns customising our salads, although at the time we didn’t know about the ‘make your own’ option online and spent ages adding and taking away things from pre-made salads. Oops.

Okay so the more important thing was DONE. We got out of our pyjamas and into something more socially acceptable for a hike.

Next stop was to pick up our lunch.

Everyone was really excited. Especially this one.

The beauty of ordering beforehand was that we could pick it up and go off. I made the mistake of nicely coming in with Frankie. I discovered BREAKFAST BURRITOS and other incredible things that I shouldn’t order but probably would have.

Salad is healthy. Salad means beach body. I genuinely expect to look like a supermodel after I’ve eaten a salad for a meal or go to a workout class and don’t understand why I don’t after.

Simone and Christian got wraps instead, which I was super jealous about later on.

It was an hour till Hanging Lake, but the views are so stunning that I just sat tight and stared out the window like a dog.

Once we arrived, we loaded our bags with essentials, i.e the ciders.

Then it all began.

After lots of breaks and once we were all sweaty and gross, we made it to (more or less) the top. It was so beautiful!

You know what else is beautiful? Food. Although they didn’t look that pretty or filling since they were all squished from our bags, but they were so good. Each was customised to our perfection.


They were surprisingly filling too. I don’t think the girls (except me) finished their salads and saved the rest for the ride home.

Christian had his manly wrap and cider.

As did Simone. They were wrapped in spinach tortilla, filled with chicken, avocado, bacon and everything amazing and good in the world. Damn I had massive food envy.

Everyone popped out their ciders, and as much as I wanted to drink one to decrease the load (I think we collectively brought up about 18 ciders), I was so dehydrated that I’d probably get drunk after one sip and pass out in the lake.

Angry Orchard was the cider of the trip though, and it’s a little sad they don’t have it in the UK! It’s like fizzy apple juice. God, I’m such a big kid.

After basically inhaling our salads, we went to play.

Although ‘playing’ now includes taking lots and lots of pictures until one of them is suitable to upload on Instagram. How times have changed.

Before anyone popped open any more ciders, we headed back down and embraced another hour of hiking, although downhill is always easier. I can’t get over how gorgeous everything was! LOOK HOW PRETTY.

Mountains and trees and geez so much fresh oxygen. I’m loving Colorado already.

None of us fell, which was a success. Actually, Frankie did. On flat land. I’m not really sure how.

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