Lunch at Poppies, London

I’m on a bit of a roll in trying the ‘best of’ everything in London. Today was London’s best fish and chips.

We didn’t intentionally head there. We were walking around Camden when we stumbled across Poppies. Since Nicole was a tourist in London, it seemed like a natural thing we just had to do.

It’s not the original one in Spitalfields, but hey ho, the best is the best.

The decor was extremely British, the walls absolutely covered with memorabilia, and the waitresses were dressed in another era.

We were very excited.

Opting for the traditional cod and chips, it arrived – hoorah! We’d all just scoffed coffees and brownies on our way over and weren’t that hungry, so we ordered just one to share. We must have looked extremely anno. But with chips instead of salad.

I was (for some reason) just expecting it to come with mushy peas, and I was a little heartbroken when I saw there wasn’t any.

I grabbed the waiter and quickly got some.

Everything arrived so quickly and we tucked into what claimed to be London’s best fish and chips.

I absolutely loved it. I don’t eat a huge amount of fish and chips since I hate when things are too battered, but it was done perfectly. Mwuaaah. Nicole was very impressed too, but not so much with the mushy peas. I think maybe that was a little too much to push on the American on her first try.

We paid and headed on out to roam the rest of the tourist side of Camden.

We past an infinite amount of food stalls. Our original plan was to share the fish and chips so we could all share an Honest Burger and a Big Apple Hot Dog, but we were so stuffed that we just stared at the burgers and weeped inside.

Cookies and Scream were just opposite though, serving vegan cookies. Frankie couldn’t resist getting the Peanut Butter and Jelly one and forced us to share with her.

Then Big Apple Hot Dogs were waiting for us outside. Oh God.

He was lovely and insisted we try free samples of some cut up hot dog. How could we say no to that? WE CAN’T IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

It was already so much better than the one I had at Yelp. I need to come back and have a proper one of those bad boys.

Nicole had also never had Nitrogen Ice-Cream before, so I had to take her to Chin Chin Labs.

The amount we wanted The ‘Brown-Wich’ was unbelievable, but at this point we were bursting full and stomaching two brownie cookies with ice-cream was something that I just wasn’t able to do at this point.

We went for the new Coconut Marshmallow option instead.

I’d forgotten how delicious it was. Our ‘let’s just get one to share’ and ‘just to try it’ quickly turned into a battle of the spoons.

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