Breakfast at Mart 130, Melbourne

I’m not exactly sure how a cafe can be a celebrity-papparazzi hotspot and one of Melbourne’s hidden gems at the same time, but that’s what Mart 130 is!

It all started when Ming got a tip-off on Instagram for the best bircher muesli in Melbourne (and debatably ever). From then on, all our plans were cleared for this.

We got off the train and Mart was staring us in the face. It was basically on the tracks.

Not only that, but it was the most adorable place.

We sat ourselves outside, facing the park and all that sun. It was still technically winter at this point, which I loved. You don’t get winter like this in London!

Straight away, Ming asked them about their famous bircher. You can either get it with fresh fruit or poached fruit (Ming ordered poached) and there’s a small and a big size.

The small was already big enough for little ol’ her! That big one would need the both of us to take it down.

Once all our menu questions were out of the way (namely me panicking about what to order and asking about everything that sounded good) our drinks rocked up. Ming’s daily tea, arriving in a beautiful china teacup…

And my daily cappuccino.

I fell in love with the yellow cup and I’m determined to get some at home.

We also perved on everyone’s smoothies. It was way too close to comfort for me to do without getting awkwardly caught, but they looked so good that Ming had to stalker-cam it for me.

Then, breakfast.

If you order Mart Eggs, the menu says “No Alternations Please”. Oh, no alternations needed. I went for #1, Thyme Roasted Mushrooms, Rosemary Polenta, Spinach, Poached Eggs and Truffle Hollandaise.


Oh, and that sourdough bread was deliciously crusted with rosemary. So ridiculous good.

And the surprise of the dish? The rosemary polenta. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever had polenta that I’ve really enjoyed.

And then there was the beautiful bircher muesli.

I’m so glad we decided to share our meals again. It really was the best bircher I’ve ever, ever had.

My bircher muesli expectations have now reached an unbelievable standard. And ordinary hollandaise will never be the same again. 

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