Business Class on Singapore Airlines

Summer is coming to a close but WOO WOO guess who’s a lucky lady and gets to travel home before embarking on another semester at university?
Now when travelling to Singapore, there’s only one airline you want to fly, and that’s Singapore Airlines. Also, if you’re lucky enough to plonk your little ass on a Business Class seat (not a suite this time though), then that’s a job well done to you, kind sir. 

I was travelling with my favourite travel companion. And a very creepy guy across the aisle, it seems.

The first thing Ming and I do when we board the plane is lunge for that menu. The only reason we don’t pre-book our flight meals to make sure it’s healthy or the best blah blah blah is because there’s not much that beats this excitement of not knowing what delicious meals are lined up. And what if they’re offering something incredible and you’ve pre-booked yourself a shitty grilled fish dish? How would you feel then? Exactly.

Before the plane starts moving, the lovely air stewardesses come and ask you what drink you’d like after take-off (after they’ve already offered you a pre-flight water, ‘welcome drink’, or in my case champagne). So once we were in the air, I plugged my headphones in, put on episodes of New Girl I hadn’t seen before and sipped on my hot green tea.

Before the starter or the main comes, they give you a selection dish of satay (chicken, mutton and beef) with the classic peanut sauce. So Singapore.

The starter was a Parma Ham and Roasted Pear Salad with Char-Grilled Vegetables and Balsamic Dressing.

There was a little bit too much anchovies in there for me, but I picked out the asparagus and parma ham and gobbled that up.

For the mains, I picked the Beef Cheek Goulash with Baby Salad, Creme Fraiche and Paprika Potato Puree (as did Ming) since it was the dish exclusively created by chef Suzanne Goin from LA.

There was no picking things out of this one. I more or less destroyed it. That beef goulash was so tender. Om nom nom.

Ming and I really wanted to be good and not have dessert, but I couldn’t not blog about it for you. Plus, I already said no to bread, so haven’t I suffered enough?

We were going to get two to share, but instead we passed on the Passionfruit Cheesecake (boo) and just had the Tartufo Caffe, which is coffee gelato with a rich chocolate sauce centre.

Great choice, Bridges sisters, great choice.

I also nearly shed a tear when I had to pass on the cheese board.

I did accept the chocolates though. Well, I put them in my bag for later. It’s like finding a fiver down the side of your bag that you didn’t know about, but better because it’s DELICIOUS.

I browsed the Light Bites Menu after dinner, but I thought I’d better head to bed. I was pretty damn full anyway after my 4-course meal, which could have potentially been 5 courses had I accepted the cheese.

At least I knew that an English Tea Service would be there to comfort me if I was unable to sleep.

I turned my seat into a bed (the luxuries of Business) and got cosy.

The only thing that would awake me from my slumber was the promise of breakfast, starting with orange juice and banana smoothies.

Then came the pastries and the rolls. I shut my eyes and shook my head.

Breakfast began with a nice little fruit plate in front of me instead.

There’s also a choice of cornflakes or granola with milk or yoghurt. I knew I wanted a hot dish so I decided against having two breakfasts. No repeats of 15 year old Bianca.

Ming and I both wanted the Braised Egg Noodles with Soya Sauce Chicken, but I wanted to blog about more for you lucky people so we decided to share.

It was the best option by far though – so, so delicious!

We also split the Coconut Pancakes with Dried Apricot-Banana Compote. This was good, but I did not like that compote one bit, so I scraped it off and had the pancakes with some butter instead.

Clever, hey?

Why do people complain about plane food? Singapore, we’re nearly home!

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