Coffees at Auction Rooms, Melbourne

An old auction house turned coffee shop/restaurant. You can’t get much more hipster than that. 

Our friend Claire goes to University in Melbourne, so it was only right that we had a coffee catch-up whilst we were here!

It was super busy and there was a queue of people waiting for a table or having their coffees outside. We travelled far for this. I was prepared to wait and hoped the weak ones would leave.

It was worth waiting for – the outside was a weird kind of lovely, and the inside was stunning. I love brick walls.

And did I mention the treats?

Trust me, I was drooling as much as you probably are now. There was a tag with ‘Blueberry Cheesecake Doughnut’ on it, but they’d clearly sold out. Blueberry Cheesecake? Are you kidding me?! I can feel the saliva building up in my mouth as I type.

I shut my eyes and headed for our table (which wasn’t too long of a wait).

I was tempted to get one of their soda pop’s (Sgt. Peppermint’s Vanilla Hearts Club Soda, anyone?) but of course I’d feel guilt and shame if I didn’t order a coffee.

I ordered a cappuccino. I think I’m really just doing it for the latte art.

Ming ordered a black Americano, which came with water instead of milk. First time I’ve ever seen a place do that!

Claire ordered herself a long black.

The thing is, no one was hungry. Ming and I had just eaten, so we really weren’t hungry. I couldn’t visit a place and blog about it without showing you some food though, that’s just mean.

I perved on the meals of everyone around me, and quickly the stalkercam came out. This chap had ordered something delicious-looking with poached eggs.

And I knew this little lady ordered the Brûlée French Toast with ‘Devil on a Horseback’ Dates, Bacon and Poached Rhubarb. My kind of woman.

That’s it. I couldn’t just sit back and order nothing.

I asked for a side dish of Potato & Kale Röstis with Sweet Onion Jam.

Yum. So unexpected with kale but it works. I’m dying to make hashbrowns with kale in them now.

I also got Auction Rooms’ Classic Banana & Walnut Bread with Espresso Mascarpone, Candied Walnuts and Maple Syrup. It was calling for me.

Mmmmmm. The crust was the best part! I was mopping it up in that maple syrup.

Obviously I was a one-woman show since no one else wanted to eat. I did what I could before waving the white flag and taking it home. The waiter must think we’re all on some crazy diet where one person has a slither of banana bread whilst the others watch.

The banana bread was then picked at during the rest of the day and next day. Didn’t even need maple syrup!

Where are your favourite coffee shops in Melbourne/Australia? Let me know for my next trip, please!

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