Dinner at Dancing Crab, Singapore

No plates, no cutlery, no self-respect – are you ready to demolish some crab with us?

The hands-on, bibs on, crab all over the table and sauce all over my mouth/down my arms is pretty popular in Singapore right now. Although there are a few places, word on the street is that The Dancing Crab is the best value for money – the cheapest and most delicious.

It’s no hidden secret though – make a reservation. There were queues of people outside the restaurant, and inside was packed.

Our table was surrounded by MAGICAL UNDERWATER KING CHAIRS. The kind I imagine the little mermaid’s father’s throne would look like.

What kind of crab did we want? Mild? Spicy? Extra Spicy? HERB BUTTER?

We decided to group together and sit with people sharing the same kind of crab. I was sat with the Herb Butter, which sounded delicious. I wanted to go with the spicy, but I’ve been in the UK for so long that it makes me believe I like spicy food when Asian-spice is a whooole different thing. I wasn’t sure what I’d be getting myself into.

At least I was armed with some hot sauce to spice my Herb Butter up…

You have to hop over and get your water yourself. They have hot and cold, so I decided to mix the two so I’d have hot water, but not piping hot. Warm; that’s the word I’m looking for!

But be careful with that hot water.

Of course, they have lots of other drinks. Like this Pink Thyme Lemonade.

And this Iced Tea.

Or a moonshine shot (topped with hot sauce), which was rewarded to the latecomer.

Oh, and beer. Lots of Tiger. We’re in Singapore after all.

Jamie raved about how good the Butter Rolls were, and how they’re incredible dipped in the Herb Butter sauce that comes poured over the crab.

We also ordered a few other treats before the game-changing crab arrived. The cornbread… 
Truffle fries… 

Cajun Fries..

And some of their crab cakes, which their apparently known for…

Enough with the small talk. I know what you all came here to see.

That’s right. No plates. Straight onto that plastic tablecloth.

We also ordered a few cheeky lobsters to throw in the mix.

There we were with our 3 different types of crab. It looked like heaps then, but I was still ready to go by the time I’d inhaled my fair share. Greedy bitch, I know. Maybe no one will notice if I take slightly more…?

There was also a nice little lady there cooking other things on the menu for tables.

We ordered some Moonshine Prawns which she cooked up for us.

So good. Damn, Moonshine Prawns is a thing!

At a certain time at night (I think it was 8pm but I could be wrong..) there’s a little happy hour announcement. Yam Seng, which means ‘drink to success’ was about to happen.

For all you non-Asians, we do this at weddings all the time. People hold up their glass, and go “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-(this goes on for a while)-AAAM SENG!” and everyone downs their drinks.

You have to have a large enough amount of beer in your glass to join in to get a free refill of beer after that. 

And sure enough, a top-up of beer was sent around by the lovely Tiger lady.

We mopped up what was left of the food, but everything had been pretty demolished. It was like a crime scene.

Sorry, crabs, mussels, prawns and lobsters (and corn). You were delicious.

I learnt a few things that night. 1. A bib is necessary at all times. 2. I am very strong suddenly when I have to break crab legs to get to food. 3. Scooping herb butter into your mouth is only okay when no one is looking.

4. Save water, drink beer!


  1. September 23, 2014 / 10:53 am

    Wow – that looks incredible! I love a seafood feast 🙂 especially one served straight on the table!!

    Rosie xx

  2. September 23, 2014 / 10:18 pm

    this reminded me directly to this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW2t63Njd98

    i just cant with some of the asia eating culture i think it is pretty disgusting and has nothing to do anymore with enjoying a good meal…it looks like hungry beats/animals.

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