Lunch at Casa Atlantis, Ibiza

Sometimes, during our 10 day stay in Ibiza, we didn’t go to a beach club at lunch. We just stayed at the villa, which was arguably even more beautiful than any beach club on the island. 

Our own personal table. Our own private chef. Staff only waiting on us. AM I DREAMING? IS THIS JUST THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DREAM?

The food wasn’t anything less of amazing either. I’ve never had more delicious tomatoes in my entire life. It was like a rainbow of tomatoes on a plate.

I avoided the cucumber though (not a fan) but I’m sure they were good to. As good as cucumbers can be. That’s unfair actually, I didn’t realise tomatoes could taste like heaven. But you know what? THEY CAN.

The same goes for the carrots and the salad. These I don’t mind, but I’ve had enough lunches at the villa to know that I need to save my stomach space for the rest of the goodness that was about to be piled upon us.

Like the courgetti (spaghetti made only out of courgette – incredible and ridiculously healthy if you’ve never tried) and the yummiest pesto sauce on top. 
And this delicious prawn salad…

And the mozzarella…

There was no alcohol though. Well, I mean, there was obviously, but no way in hell was I going to have any more wine. I was broken. Evian for me, please.

Soon we were all seated and tucking in.

Oh, I didn’t mention the freshly made garlic bread, did I?

That’s because I didn’t mention there was our own pizza chef who came in to cook us a pizza lunch! IN A WOOD-FIRED PIZZA OVEN.

Pizza kept coming out of the oven and onto the table. All sorts of pizzas. Pizzas of all different kinds. ANY PIZZA WE WANTED.

Now I really must be dreaming.

The night before (well, 5am that morning), we arrived home from a night out and went straight into the kitchen. One thing led to another and before I knew what was happening, I was holding out slices of pizza, Frankie was squiring mayonnaise all over it and we were stuffing it into our mouths.

Needless to say, we were hooked. Mayo over here, please!

The chef started getting adventurous after his first hundred pizzas and ham-stuffed pizzas started appearing.

This went onto proper calzones. Dear sweet Gods of pizza.

Just look at that filling!

We were stuffed, forcing a few more mouthfuls of slices because it was just so damn delicious.

But wait – we needed to save room for dessert! And guess what we were having?

Nutella pizza. Obviously.

I don’t really want to tell you how many of these I had. I think the girls are going to have to roll me back to London.

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  1. Almurr
    June 12, 2016 / 8:49 am

    I would like to know from whom or which website did you manage to rent Casa Atlantis from?

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