Lunch at KERB King's Cross, London

Why go to a cafe or a restaurant at lunch when you can have cheaper, more delicious and just all-in-all incredible street food in London?
It’s so good because people specialise in what couple of things they do, and damn do they do them well.
I’ve always been a fan of Street Feast, blogging about Hawker House (not once, but twice) in the winter and heading to Dalston Yard throughout the summer. However, why wait till dinner?
You may think it’s a little crazy using Twitter mainly to follow street food traders, but it led me to KERB, who organise traders at their locations at lunchtime. Huzzah!

My favourite one is at King’s Cross because it’s every weekday, plus it’s not too far from Boy’s office (I usually trek up here just to eat and make him come with me, although I hardly have to ask twice).

Today was a girly lunch though, Boy wasn’t invited.

The good thing about having 4 people is that you can get even more options to share between us. Weeeee my favourite! Let the feasting begin!

We split up. I headed straight towards Bill or Beak.

When I got to the front, the guy asked me what brought me around to the area. Awkward when I admitted when I came just for the food. At least I’m a keen customer, hey?

Anyway, Bill is duck. Beak is chicken.

Boy and I had it once when we came late and everything was closing, so we panicked and he picked up a Bill. Little did we know it was one of the most incredible things we’ve tasted in a while.

I needed to share the amazingness with the girls. It’d be selfish not to.

Bill was a Vietnamese dressing over their Slowly Braised Duck & Pork mixture, topped with Coriander, Chilli & Mint, finished with a Tempura Battered Shallots in a Toasted Brioche Bun.

Oh my gooooodness. It was the Vietnamese dressing that just made it what it was. Perfection.

The line was at the famous Yum Bun, so that’s where the rest of them were queuing.

It was also the day I was finally was going to try one of their soft steamed buns.

Emily got a Bun Box with 2 buns, 2 crispy veg gyozas and crunchy Asian slaw. More for us.

She opted for the Pork Bun, slowly roasted Blythburgh belly pork, spring onions, cucumber and hoisin.

And the Chicken Bun, Japanese fried chicken, chilli dressing, lettuce and kewpi mayo.

They were very good. I think because I’m half-Asian, heard so much hype about them, I expected them to be life-changing. They weren’t, but I’d be really happy if someone brought me them for lunch.

You know what was live-changing? Kothu Kothu.

Kothu Roti is from the streets of Sri Lanka, made from roti, vegetables, egg, meat or vegetable curry, spices and coconut, and served with garlic yoghurt.

This was the other dish Boy and I got that time we were late, shivering in the rain as we ate it. But again, I had no idea when I bought it out of panic, it was going to be a dish I wanted to eat again and again. Om nom nom.

It’s not the prettiest, but damn it’s so delicious that you don’t even care. Just slap on that garlic yoghurt.

We went for the mutton, because it’s the best.

I went to towwwn with the eats, so I was K.O-ed after stuffing my face.

Em and Jane headed towards Moto Yogo for some froyo lovin’.

It’s natural froyo, topped with all sorts. She went for a Bananas and Dulce de Leche.

Oh, and Brownies and Chocolate Sauce.

We headed to Boy’s office because I was bringing him Kothu Kothu for lunch and I am the best person in the world.

King’s Cross isn’t near where I live, by the way. Not even close.

You know it’s good if I travel an hour for this shit.

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