The Ice Cream & Cookies Co.

What do I love? Soft, chewy cookies. 
What’s even better is two of them, and when they have a big, fat chunk of ice-cream between them.

Ming and I got a special little delivery after arriving in Singapore. Okay, a big delivery.


I’ve followed The Ice Cream & Cookie Co for the longest time on Instagram. Since I’m hardly ever in Singapore anymore, I’ve never gotten to try them. Until now.

I know they have standard flavours as well as incredible looking seasonal ones (Chinese New Year Pineapple Tart Ice-Cream Cookie, anyone?).

I wanted to eat them all at once and then curl up in a ball and cry from a tummy-ache and shame.

As a food blogger, it’s basically my duty to test them all. Like a moral duty. I have to do it just for you. You’re welcome, world.

Choco Hazelnut: Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream + Chocolate Butter Cookie

The ice-cream was like a Nutella sensation partying in my mouth. The cookie was okay – a bit dry. I don’t really rate butter cookies that much, I much prefer a chewy one. Mmmmm chewy.

Strawberry Shortcake: Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream + Shortbread Cookie

The ice-cream here was reaaally good, I love fresh strawberry! I’m really not a fan of shortbread though, but if you’re into it then it’s a winner!

Iced Mocha: Coffee Ice Cream + Chocolate Fudge Cookie

Delicious. I’ve had a thing for coffee ice-cream recently so I absolutely loved it, and paired with a chocolate fudge cookie, you really can’t go wrong.

Peanut Butter Cheesecake: Cheesecake Ice Cream + Peanut Butter Cookie

Yum. Ming thought there was too much peanut butter in the cookie, but I thought there wasn’t enough! So it’s a matter of what you like, but damn do I like this. For peanut butter lovers.

Butterscotch Bacon: Butterscotch Bacon Ice Cream + Brown Sugar Cookie

This was sadly the one I didn’t get to try, so I can’t pretend I did! Someone stole it and gobbled it up before I could get to it. But butterscotch and bacon? It’s like a match made in heaven. Someone please try it and let me know what you think!

Apple Pie: Apple Pie Ice Cream + Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

This was the second stolen ice-cream cookie. DAMN THEM for stealing my Apple Pie! Probably two of the coolest flavours I missed out on. I apologise. I think I’ve been punished enough.

Milk & Cookie: Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream + Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie

This was insanely good. Good quality vanilla ice-cream is fantastic. It was soooo good. It was a light ice-cream cookie, so soft and chewy and just perfect. Man I love Milk & Cookies.

After Eight: Peppermint Ice Cream + Dark Chocolate Brownie Cookie

The most perfect after dinner/before dinner/anytime anywhere treat. The peppermint ice-cream was so refreshingly good and the dark chocolate brownie cookie was just insanely fudgey and soft.

English Earl: Earl Grey Ice Cream + Lemon Zest Cookie

This was the biggest surprise of the bunch. I can honestly say I wasn’t looking forward to trying this, but did this shock me. So surprisingly good! The earl grey ice-cream had such a flowery flavour and the lemon zest cookie was perfect with it.

Toasted Marshmallow: Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream + Brown Sugar Cookie

The best for last. I think this was Ming and my favourite. The name says it all really – who doesn’t love marshmallow flavoured ice-cream? The brown sugar cookie was soft, chewy and everything you want in a cookie.

They’re so pretty and perfect for any occasion. If I throw a party, I’d want them. If I was hungry whilst I was out, I’d want them. I just want them ALL THE TIME. Damn I should definitely be paid for writing this, or made an ice-cream cookie ambassador and showered with them for life. No? Worth a shot…

There is NO attractive way to eat an ice-cream cookie, okay? Deal with it.

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