1888 Hotel, Sydney

That Instagram hotel where you can stay for free if you have over 10K followers?
It exists. 

From outsiders, 1888 Hotel may just look like another a boutique hotel, ’cause that’s what I would’ve thought before I read an article online talking about this hotel where you can stay free for a night if you’ve got over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

A marketing tactic, yes. But one that clearly works. Instagrammers taking pictures of their hotel and uploading it to more than 10K people? Very clever.

Ming and I took full advantage of this. We arranged it with the hotel, packed our bags and popped along for a free nights stay.

They love their Instagrammers, don’t they?

The check-in process was pretty simple. I thought somewhere along the way we’d be tricked into paying some fee or another, but not at all, since we weren’t planning on devouring the mini-bar or ordering any extra services.

The staff were all lovely, and even gave us a map and directions to where we were having dinner.

Jumping up and down with excitement, we headed up to our room for the night.

It was adorable! A perfect little room for our night stay. I love bricked walls. And white, clean, crisp hotel beds.

They were stocked with all the best snacks, all fairly or very healthy! Does everywhere in Australia do this? It was amazing.

Coffee and tea were free, and they had one of my favourite tea brands, T2, stocked (as does probably most of Australia, but it’s still a novelty since I live in the UK!).

On the desk was a lovely little note…

And next to it, the room service menu. We shouldn’t have made dinner plans, should we? There’s something about room service that I love. Probably the fact that food is brought to you. That’s definitely why I love delivery so much.

After dropping our bags and snooping out the room, we headed downstairs to meet our favourite couple at the lobby/bar area, who’d got themselves a little pre-dinner drink.

Sadly, there wasn’t really time for us to have one either, but hey more drinks at dinner right?

We headed out for a nice dinner involving red wine, seafood platters and lots of laughing. We waved goodbye to the parents, hopped into our pyjamas and made ourselves some Sleep Tight tea in our room.

We woke up to a light-filled room after hours of night time chatting and a lovely nights sleep. I wanted to lay there all morning but we had plans to meet our cousin Natasha for breakfast and a walk, so I pulled myself out of the comforts of the duvet and pillow throne.

Leaving already. Boo.


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