Breakfast (and Lunch) at Tanya's Cafe, London

I arrived back to London to find that the cafe I’d been dreaming about had been opened.

What do you need after landing home from holiday, feeling bloated and sluggish? A raw vegan breakfast.

I refused to believe summer was over and dressed inappropriately for the day’s temperature.

As you probably guessed from my earlier statement, Tanya’s Cafe is a shrine of raw vegan goodness.

I can see myself coming here a little too much in the near future.

They do breakfast, lunch, juices, cocktails, snacks, you name it.

I think Grandma only agreed to come here because neither of us told us it was a raw vegan. The less she knows, the better. I mean, I feel bad, but we really wanted to come here!

Let’s keep this a secret between us, shall we?

We started off with some drinks, which was already hard enough to pick. Juice, smoothie, milk, coffee, tea, what the hell do I want?!

I was in the mood for a healthy chocolate milk, so went for a My Sweet Surrender, which was a blend of cacao, hazelnut milk, medicine flower, dates, salt and vanilla.

Grandma had a My Doctor, a juice with beetroot, carrot, celery, sweet potato, apple, lemon and ginger.

Ming went health queen and ordered a hot drink, My Fresh Start – liquid chlorophyll with hot water and lemon. How cute are their mugs?

Soon, it got down to crunch time and I had to make my decision. I went with the Grawnola – Crunchy Granola Clusters, Raw Goji Jam and Almond Milk.

It was preeeeetty delicious!

I wanted to buy a bag of grawnola and take it home and gobble it all up.

Ming had the Caramel Chia – Dates, Algarroba and Banana Chia Porridge.

Grandma had the Jan Un-Toast, which was Soft Raisin Bread, Cashew Cream Cheese & Raw Goji Jam. The woman who hates vegan food happily finished off her plate. She still doesn’t know. It’s all a mental game, I reckon.

I grabbed a My Vision to pop in my bag before hitting the road to start my day. It was carrot, orange, mango, kiwi fruit and turmeric root.

Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t long until Ming and I ventured back. We came for lunch the next day, so I thought I’d just combine the photos and show you whats good if you missed breakfast.

We both got My Fresh Starts for our fresh starts (hey hey).

Ming ordered the Detox Salad – Half avocado coated with seed mix, shredded rainbow veggies, wild rocket and lemon sauce. Literally, health on a plate.

As was mine – I went for the Thai Curry Noodles. Green curry kelp noodles, marinated veggie and kale salad. It was yummy but it wasn’t like creamy Thai curry that I’m used to. In all honesty, I ordered it for the kelp noodles. I love kelp noodles. I wish there was more in it!

Oh, oh, what’s that? Yeah we came again for breakfast that week. And we brought, like, everyone with us.

Juice for days!

I had the Grawnola again. I know I should have tried something different for you guys, but I couldn’t keep away. Those nut clusters…

Luckily, the others were a little more interesting.

There was a couple of orders of the Rawtella Un-Toast – soft raisin bread, cacao hazelnut spread and mulberries. The healthiest version of Nutella you’ll ever meet!

Someone also got the Avo Un-Toast, which was soft onion bread with squashed avocado and pepper flakes.

I did tell you I’d be spending a little too much time here, didn’t I?

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