Breakfast at Bread & Circus, Sydney

This beautiful morning, we were doing the Bondi to Coogee Trail. Obviously this requires the fuel of a good breakfast. 
Or a great one.
Since we had a limited amount of days in Sydney, our meal choices had to be extremely selective. Bread & Circus was somewhere I was desperate to do, and it was about time really!
Their decor was absolutely gorgeous. ‘In love’ is the only way to describe how I felt about it. See for yourself!

(Apparently the Lemon & Ginger Soy Chai is crazy good but I am yet to try!)

We sat down, starving and already eager to order. I loved the pink theme going on!

Natasha wasn’t here yet, so we waited and ordered some drinks to keep us going for a while.

Mum got an English Breakfast tea, with her milk coming in a little beaker.

Mum and Dad also both got smoothies, those cuteypies.

Ming had a Ginger Rainwater Kefir. How cool does that sound?

She says its made from kefir grains and is really probiotic, made with the bacteria and yeast so it gives your tummy good bacteria (like yoghurt).

I couldn’t resist ordering The Ranga, a watermelon and orange juice mix. I had to. You can’t not order something if it’s called The Ranga.

We waited a while, but time was cutting short. We figured if we ordered now, it’d be ready by the time she arrived. But what to order her?

Oh, I guess we’ll just order LOTS OF PLATES TO SHARE. Done!

Our selection of mouth-watering dishes started with Spiced Banana Bread. It was with spelt flour, cardamom and cinnamon, served toasted with soft set raw honey and organic butter.

Next, the Morning Jumble – very brilliant bircher (or crunchy granola) with a selection of fresh, seasonal fruit and biodynamic yoghurt and a drizzle of agave syrup. You can also get coconut yoghurt if you like!

Then came the biggest surprise of all. It was the Foxy Spring Porridge – pre-soaked and whisked organic rolled oats, with baked pear and crushed pistachio under a drizzle of maple syrup, a dollop of organic clotted cream optional (but very much recommended).

I usually hate porridge. Apart from my ama’s savoury chicken porridge, I’ve never met one I’ve liked. Until now. It was insanely good!

Another surprise was the Breakfast With Gwyneth Рsaut̩ed white quinoa, kale and mixed greens with garlic and chilli under two fried biodynamic eggs.

I was hesitant to order it since the description sounded a bit meh. It didn’t even look that exciting. But I can totally understand why it’s one of their most popular dishes – SO good! Plus a little spicy kick.

Another one of my favourites was the Parmesan Not-So-Scrambled Eggs. Biodynamic eggs with either bullet chilli or real truffle oil (we went for the truffle oil – best decision ever), under shaved parmesan with avocado, baby spinach, fresh herbs and sourdough.

It was the first dish to be licked clean.

The last was the Caramelised Lemony Banana Pancakes. It was banana, ricotta and biodynamic egg flourless pancake with maple syrup, lemon compound butter, caramelised banana and strawberry.

It was alright, but probably my least favourite out of the bunch. Not that it wasn’t nice, just that the others were so damn good!

Just check out the spread. It was so hard having to photograph them looking all beautiful and having to wait those few extra moments before digging in.

But as soon as I gave them the clear, all hell broke loose. If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat.*

*The Bridges Family seems to have adopted The Gellar’s motto.

Once we’d divided and conquered, I was eager to get some caffeine down me so I’d be rearing to go for our walk.

Ming had her sensible green tea to wash down one of the most memorable breakfasts.

I had a cappuccino with bonsoy, which was sprinkled with chocolate (yes!), whilst Natasha had a cappuccino with cinnamon.

Banana 1 and Banana 2 both had americanos.

If you haven’t seen my snaps of the walk on my Instagram, you should go check it out.

And if you haven’t been to Bread & Circus yet, you should probably go check that out too.

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