Coffee at Chock Full Of Beans, Singapore

I’ve never seen anything like this before. I bet you’re already as excited as I am here. 

So we’re on the way to the airport, and there was one place that I was desperate to tick off my list before I headed back to the UK. I’d seen a picture on our friend Jerilyn’s Instagram, and I HAD TO GO I HAD TO.

I mean, it was near Changi, so it’s basically on the way right? Kinda?

From the outside, it looks like a regular ol’ cafe.

There were some people having proper meals, and others tucking into the cakes they had on display.

Arghhh, I wanted some! I was on the way to the airport though, and there’s something about free lounge food that I can’t put my finger on. Probably cause it’s free. Well, eat as much as I can to get my ticket moneys worth.

I shuffled back outside empty handed, but with big expectations.

The hot coffees don’t have 4D art on them, but they’re pretty damn cute.

Ming had a Rose Latte, which was absolutely delicious! She was going to change her mind before her order, but I persuaded her against it, and thank goodness. A Rose Latte doesn’t pop on your menu everyday.

Dad had a regular one. If you can call it regular. So cute!

He was being a little grumples that evening though so I’m not surprised he didn’t get any colours (just joking, they come in all kinds of variations).

It’s only sad when you have to drink their face! ‘Too good to eat’ has never been a problem, but I never thought I’d be met with a ‘too cute to drink’.

Look how sad he’s getting. But Ming was getting happy.

It was clear what I wanted. An iced latte with 4D foam. Caramel, to be specific.

Just to warn you, they take a while to prepare (at least 15-20 minutes to prepare the foam). So if the place is relatively busy, you’re getting on a flight soon and you’re accompanied by Mr. Grumplestiltskins, don’t get it.

However, I was determined. I came here for one of these, and I wasn’t leaving without one. I watched works of art arrive one by one for different people, squealing with excitement each time I thought it was mine. They weren’t. But finally, it was.


Usually there’s one big character just chilling on top of your latte. But I got 4 little pals! I’d like to think it was because I was super nice and a little too excited for an iced latte.

But it really isn’t just any iced latte, is it?

The more I sipped, the more my little friends sunk down into the glass. Noooo!

At least I didn’t have to ruin them and they just chilled in the bottom of my glass when I was done. And at least I went to the airport ridiculously happy. And at least I got a great Instagram picture out of it.

That’s why people come, right? Guilty.


  1. Melissa
    September 17, 2015 / 10:46 pm

    I’m on holiday in Phuket ( from London) and i’ve just booked a ticket to Singapore for one day to get one of those bad boys.
    I blame YOU!
    Hahahha, love your blog.
    Ps; if i manage to get one ( i will, i will), i’ll tag u on instagram, under @thetravellingbaby
    Melissa x

    • September 19, 2015 / 8:42 am

      Hahaha amazing, that makes me so happy!
      Let me know if you get one and I hope you get as excited about it as I did!
      B xx

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