Coffees at Monk Bodhi Dharma, Melbourne

Welcome to the place to go in Melbourne for speciality coffee.
My inner coffee snob is thriving.

I’ve been brought to what seems to be Melbourne’s version of Colonna and Smalls, although C&S is more focused on coffee expertise and here seems to be a lot more hippie and trendy. Both which I love.

I’m feeling more hipster everyday. It’s a shame my outfit choices don’t seem to be saying the same thing.

The inside was grungy, but in much more of a cool way than a dirty way.

And as the best speciality coffee places do, their coffees are roasted in house, seasonal and mostly estate picked.

Ming had wanted to come here on a Friday night since they do an all-vegan menu specially, but sadly we didn’t get to go. But my vegan loving is growing daily, and these vegan treats made me happy.
How cool do ‘Peace Cookies’ sound? I’m in love with them already and I haven’t even had a bite.
They also have Bonsoy here, which is rapidly growing into an obsession by me. It’s organic soy milk, and it’s incredible. I was about to import a box back from Australia to the UK before discovering that it’s slowly all over here too!

But yeah, back to here. We’d just eaten so the lunch menus weren’t what we were here for, just their coffee.

My hopes were high, but I loved this place already.

My cousin Andy doesn’t drink coffee, which was a shame, mainly because that’s one less drink for me to blog about. Hmph.

Rebecca had a cappuccino though.

I asked for a White Americano (they don’t have this term here, apparently) so aka. a long black with milk. But not just any milk. BONSOY.
Plus look what they put the milk in! So cute. I genuinely get too excited about such little things, but I feel that’s what make places great. 

Rebecca and I both had the El Salvador – Finca El Carmen – beans, mainly because they had just re-opened and it was the only beans they were roasting that day. It’s clean & bright with sparkling citrus acidity, honey mouthfeel and stonefruit.

Well, that’s what the description said. I’m not a big enough coffee snob to start picking out these flavours, so I say it was really good and I like it. Good enough? Good.

Ming always orders the most random thing as I don’t think she has any real idea what she’s going for.

She got a Pour-Over Coffee, which is recommended to be drank black. She had the Ethiopia: Hachira N2.

Not at all what she was expecting, but she said it was good! And good is what matters, ey?

I picked up the bill for the coffees since Andy sweetly drove us all that way for le coffee princess over here. There were so many cool beans. Hawaii beans? I just want them in my house.

Little did I know I’d buy a coffee grinder a couple weeks after. If I’d only known.

Highly recommended for all coffee lovers down in Melbourne!


    • October 4, 2014 / 4:46 pm

      Maybe just go for a hot choccie and a peace cookie! 🙂 x

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