Dinner at Mildred's, London

I’m on a mission to change your negative thoughts and fears of vegan food.
This is vegan.

Right? Right? I KNOW.

Mildred’s is in the heart of Soho. It’s busy and bustling and although we came at a relatively early time on a weekday, there was a waiting list.

Ming and I don’t do waiting lists. We spotted a table for two outside, and it wasn’t too cold, so we manned up and grabbed it.

We ordered some hot water to keep us warm, and the waiter kept questioning us about it. Is this not a thing in the UK? It’s totally normal, if not preferred, for Asians. No one would even raise an eyebrow. But this guy’s mind was blown!

Mildred’s is a vegetarian restaurant, but they have vegan options of course. Since Ming and I were embracing our ‘Vegan Week’, we went all out. Who says vegan food has to be boring? Does it look like I’m eating a bowl of leaves?

Nope, instead we were munching on these bad boy rolls (vegan and gluten free) which were stuffed with mango, cucumber, spring onion, carrot and chili with a spicy peanut sauce. There was a fight for the third one, a fight which I won.

Then, the mains. Absolute perfect vegan comfort food for a chilly night.

We always want to try more things, so we ordered two to share.

The first was Sri Lankan Sweet Potato and Cashew Nut Curry with Yellow Basmati Rice with Peas and Coconut Tomato Sambal. Vegan and gluten-free. This was CRAZY good! So delicious, you non-vegans wouldn’t even think about it for a second.

The next was the Mixed Mushroom, Porcini and Ale Pie with Mushy Peas and Fries or Mash, although we asked for Sweet Potato Fries instead. This was just vegan, not gluten-free.

This was so, so good too! The only thing was that you couldn’t have it after the curry, because the curry was out of this world.

But don’t let that put you off the pie…

Couldn’t recommend this place more! We skipped across to go bowling afterwards at All Star Lanes to get competitive and very, very silly. It’s fun when your best friend is your sister! 

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