Dinner at Turtle Bay, Bath

It’s date night in Bath!

Turtle Bay is the first chain restaurant Boy and I have eaten at together. How crazy is that? Turtle Bay is scattered across the UK, but it’s recently opened in Bath and I couldn’t stay away from this Caribbean   food 2-for-1 cocktail haven for too long.

Wait, what? Yep. Happy hour is from 12 noon – 7pm, then 10pm until close. How ridiculously great is that? It’s becoming a hot spot for drinks in Bath, unsurprisingly.

It’s a pretty funky place (yes I realise I’ve used that word I’m cringing too) and you kind of forget you’re in quaint old Bath when you’re in here.

We arrived just before 7, so we quickly scanned the cocktail list to order before happy hour (well, the happy hours) closed off.

I got the Rum Runner. It wasn’t all that great, I’ll be honest.

Boy went for the Island Iced Tea, which was infused with all alcohol but delicious compared to mine.

I insisted that we shared and have one of each.

Oh, and he ordered a beer too. Typical man.

We umm-ed and ahh-ed over the menu. Jerk everything. We had to be selective, but we were also greedy.

Finally, we placed our order, which was probably a little too big for two people. We got the classic “Wow, you must be hungry!” response. Nope, just another Saturday night…

I love ordering lots and lots of starters.

The first to arrive was the Pulled Jerk Pork – Slow roast pulled jerk pork with rocket, fresh butternut squash, mango, orange and coconut shavings. Delicious.

Next, Jerk Pit Ribs – Jerk spice marinated, grilled and glazed pork ribs with sour orange chutney. It was actually a little spicy.

The Chilli Fried Squid, crisp fried spiced coated squid, mango mole with fresh lime and coriander mayo, wasn’t as crisp as I expected, but still good.

We also had to get chicken. I like chicken.

It was the Jerk Chicken Wings (I know, so much Jerk right), jerk spiced marinated, grilled and glazed chicken wings with sour orange chutney.

We got a couple of sides too – Sweet Potato Fries…

And Sweet Plantain! Banana goodness.

Oh yeah, and we got a One Pot to top it all off.

We went for the Blue Mountain Curry Goat – Marinated goat, potatoes and carrots, rice ‘n’ peas. Really, really good.


We tried to tuck in sensibly. Anyone who’s eaten with me knows I’m not an attractive eater.

It quickly became a hands-on job.

I’ve decided not to upload the 20 pictures that Boy so kindly took of me tearing apart chicken. It’s better for everyone that way.

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