Dinner at Vegie Bar, Melbourne

Everyone knows that the Vegie Bar is best place to get your veggie on in Melbourne.

I’m going to start this post by apologising for two things.

1) We weren’t all that hungry, so we didn’t order heaps of stuff.

2) I was told I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Obviously, I didn’t listen, but I had to be sneaky so there aren’t many. I have a duty to show you what I eat, and I take this duty very seriously.

But it’s a great space, and it’s the hippest (yes I can’t believe I just used that word either) veggie place I’ve ever been to. It just has a great vibe.

Ming and I were joined by this lovely lady, who started her meal off with a juice.

I had a Ginger Tonic Komucha. Komucha is one of Ming’s current obsessions, and she’s spent the holiday telling me all about it, which is lucky for me now since I can explain it like I’m a pro.

It’s fermented tea which is high in probiotics and amazingly good for gut health, as well of a million other health benefits. She claims all the models now drink it to keep their tummies flat. I expect my body to be detoxified and look like Adriana Lima tomorrow.

We decided to share everything, just so we got a little taste without stuffing ourselves.

We went for the Raw Ravioli which was a special that day. It was good, but it was a tiny portion! More of an appetiser than anything else.

We also had the Raw Pad Thai, which was also really good, keeping in mind that you’re having raw vegan food! I think I may just prefer the one back at home at The Good Life Eatery, though.

We kept getting up and going back and fourth between the counter just to stare at all of the desserts. They all looked so, so good.

Oh, now I remember why we didn’t order heaps to eat. We were saving room for something much more important.

‘Cowboy Cookies’ – so cute! I’ve never heard of them before but I want them in my life.

And everything else… I had to get my James Bond on and snap these pictures when the manager wasn’t looking. The problem was everything looked so good that we had no idea what to go for.

Everyone raved about how good the Berry Cheesecake was here. It’s not vegan or gluten free, but word on the street it’s damn delicious.

The Chocolate Royale was another cake where slices kept rapidly disappearing. Now this one was both  vegan and gluten free! Jackpot. Now my heart’s just torn.

We ended up ordering 3 little desserts, all picking one each to then share.

First (my main choice) was the Espresso Nutella Mousse.

This was incredibly good! And vegan. Muahahaha I choose the best desserts.

Rebecca’s choice was the Mint and Lemon Cheesecake (gluten free and vegan) which she munched up, but it really wasn’t for me, so I gladly let her eat away.

Ming’s adorable choice was the Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Pop (gluten free, vegan and raw). I had a little bite, but it was very rich and quite average.

Yeah, I bet you kids all wish you went for that Nutella one now, eh?

It’s cute if you actually thought that’s all we got though. We packed up a slice of the two bad boys I was eyeing up earlier and took them home for a steamy night in front of the television.

The Chocolate Royale was good, but you can’t eat it next to the Berry Cheesecake, because that one was ridiculously delicious. The poor Chocolate Royale didn’t stand a chance.

But hey, it was a good show from a gluten free vegan cake!

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