Gelato at Gelato Messina, Sydney

Am I ashamed or proud to admit that this happened the same day as the last post?
Maybe a little of both.

I’ve blogged about Gelato Messina before, but this may just be one of my favourite places in Sydney to visit. Ming and I cry over their Instagam all the time, and I knew exactly what their specials were that very day. I had to go. I couldn’t not go. I was leaving Australia the next day, and their specials were just TOO DAMN GOOD.

Jesse and my catch-up quickly turned into an ice-cream adventure. An adventure to Messina.

If your eyes could be made love to, this is how.

You really need to be there to experience it properly, but man you get the idea. 

Look at the specials! JUST LOOK! If I was there for longer I would have gotten a tub of them (yep you can do that here) and taken those babies home with me for a steamy night ahead.

There wasn’t really any doubt about what we’d be getting.

We obviously opted for the Misto Five Scoop Plate. How could we not?

We got 4 of the specials and one other flavour. We were ready to taste test what I’d been waiting for for so long. 

The four specials were first, starting with the Robert Brownie Jnr (great name). Milk Chocolate Gelato with Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Fudge. Perfect for all chocolate lovers without being sickening.

Next was Mr Potato Head – Peanut Butter Gelato with White Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.

Turns out Jesse does not like peanut butter. Or the idea of potato chips in ice-cream. Well, well, well, more for me! I love peanut butter, and the potato chips weirdly worked like how some people (me) like dunking fries in milkshakes.

Our favourite was Power Grangers. It was a flavour to celebrate Bill Granger’s newly opened restaurant, and it was Banana & Maple Gelato with Ricotta Hotcakes (one of his signature dishes) & Honeycomb Custard. Incredible. If this baby ever comes back as a special, I am there!

The Rexinator was Vanilla Gelato with Swirls of Raspberry Sorbet & Vanilla Marshmallows, Freckle Choc Chip Cookies & Raspberry Jellies. It was full of unexpected goodies inside, and was more raspberry sorbet than vanilla gelato, but also delicious.

We panicked for the last one and ordered Tiramisu. It was good, but it was more or less tiramisu folded into gelato. It has nothing on the specials, lets just be clear about that.

What an exciting day! I’m going to cry gelato tears when I leave tomorrow. But at least they’ll be delicious.

There’s little better to catch up with than gelato. And there’s little better gelato than Messina. 

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