Gelato at N2, Sydney

Feast your eyes on these. 

N2 is a little like Chin Chin Labs and Custom Creams in London, where they make their gelato with liquid nitrogen.

I first heard about them when I saw a photo on my friend Rachael’s Instagram.

Since that moment, I was obsessed. And from the fact that my cousin Natasha said she’d been dying to try them since following their Instagram account, I knew I wasn’t alone. We would do this together.

Ming, Natasha, Stuart and I queued up and just stared in awe at them making their creations.

Their flavours change weekly. Weekly?! Thank goodness I don’t live in Sydney or I’d be here every week.

They have one scoop (not two) or N2Black, which are their special creations.

We ordered all 3 N2Blacks that were on offer – the Ferrero Reveal, Black Forest and Crème Brûlée.

And then we waited patiently. Or just very, very excitedly.

The first ready was the Crème Brûlée.

The most delicious Vanilla Custard Gelato, topped with sugar meets fire and 100’s and 1000’s.

Then was the Ferrero Reveal. Nutella Gelato with Crushed Hazelnut Pieces, Rice Bubble Chop Top, and attacked with a Wafer and Chocolate Ganache Syringe.

I think a little tear rolled out of my eye when this appeared.

One by one, the cool (get it?) creations were being handed out.

I thought only the N2Blacks were worth getting and photographing, but I was wrong! Just look at the Strawberries & Black Cream.

Then to top ours all off, the Black Forest finally arrived.

Sour Cream Chocolate with Sour Cherry Bites & Layers of Choc Cake, topped with Whipped Kirsh Cream, Choc Flakes and a Cherry. Ahhmaagaaad.

My favourite part of the creations was the syringe. They’re so cute. And fun. And full of ganache. What’s not to love?!

Our mistake was getting only 3 to share between the four of us. What were we thinking?

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