Lunch at The Boatbuilders Yard, Melbourne

We had a little midday adventure!
We drove all the way down to South Wharf since my Aunt Jenny told us about this fantastic day out she had. Now we were here to relive it. I was a little concerned about being dragged out of the house without having been fed, but then we arrived here…

What a bloody beautiful day! And I absolutely loved the big space.

And if I wasn’t starving enough already, these were definitely making me…

Everyone had the same thought as me though. We luckily got a table inside (yes it was warm but I was eating with Mum and Ming, so it’s never that warm) and got busy with the menu.

I was a little heartbroken that breakfast was over. I was eyeing up the Brazilian Super Bowl and I refused to believe that I wasn’t able to get one. Well, I wasn’t. Lunch menu it was.

And playing with this little bundle of joy!

Ah. The little things.


Our meals were for big kids.

Like my Rockling Fillet with Tomato & Fennel Braise, Quinoa & Herb Tabbouleh topped with Strained Yoghurt. Healthy and delicious. And I love yoghurt on top!

Then there was the rest of the gang and their meals. I can’t really remember who ordered what, so I’ll just name the meals, yes? Yes.

Roasted Beetroot with Freekeh (no idea), Chilli & Almond Dukkah Salad with Whipped Lemony Feta.

Super Salad – Quinoa, Chickpeas, Chia Seeds, Kale, Roasted Sweet Potato and Pomegranate Molasses.

12 Hour Sticky Beef Rib with Kohlrabi Remoulade with Sautéed Young Potatoes. I remember Andy saying this was a little spicy, so just an FYI if you’re planning to rendezvous there.

The Braised Free Range Chicken with Olives, Dates, Capers on top of Pearl Couscous & Roasted Baby Carrots. Word on the street (Mum and Aunt Jenny) was that the chicken was so tender.

I remember specifically that Jason had the burger, since he said it was okay, but nothing too special. He’d told me he’d been eyeing up the burgers on my blog, and I said when he came to visit I’d take him for the best burgers in London.

Oh, I also ordered a couple of sides to share!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Hazelnuts. Man I love brussels sprouts recently. They’ve had such an unfair bad rep from people who don’t understand the great ways to cook them.

One of the sides was actually an appetiser (felt like more of a side to me though), which was the Roasted Mushrooms with Goats Feta, Smoked Almonds and Vincotto.

We ate up. Nom nom nom nom!

We were keen to begin the rest of our day, but not before some coffees and teas.

And dessert…

I was ready to stay away from them until the lamington came out (sponge cake with a layer of chocolate over it and covered in coconut, for those who didn’t know). You can’t go to Australia and not have one. It’s RUDE. And with that cherry sauce….

Worth every bite. EVERY BITE.

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