Top 10 Things To Do in The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

Whether you’re searching for a little getaway or you’re touring the UK and looking for something to do a little outside of London, I’ve put together a little post for the best things to do when visiting Windsor & Maidenhead! I don’t tend to venture out of London too often (okay, apart from University and when travelling the world), but when I do, I make it worth my while….
1. Dine at The Fat Duck
If you don’t know who Heston Blumenthal is, you’ve been living under a giant rock. He’s known for his weird and wonderful dishes, and The Fat Duck is the ultimate place to go for this. To be honest, I’d put it on my ‘Places to Eat Before I Die’ list. Which it totally is. You might want to book a while in advance though, and save up a penny or two.
2. Run Wild at Legoland

I’m a big kid at heart. If I could tell you that getting my Legoland license wasn’t one of the proudest moments of my life, I’d be lying. They have everything here – from rollarcoasters to finding gold to feeling like a giant looking over the giant lego-made cities. And did I mention the rollarcoasters?

3. Sunday Lunch at Runneymede-On-Themes

I was first dragged here by Mama Bridges and Grandma Bridges as they were raving about the roast beef here. It then turned into a big family day out, and we hopped in our car and drove here just for Sunday roast. So you can pretty much tell how much this meant to them. I think they shed a tear with every bite of the beef. You can read about the rest of the post here.

4. Buy Fresh Produce at Maidenhead Farmers’ Market

I love a good farmers market, and Maidenhead Farmers’ Market is the longest running farmers’ market in Berkshire. Their fresh, local food is something that bring families for days out and health/food nuts like me go crazy. I get a little too caught up chatting to the producers usually, but they’re all so lovely (and may give you the best pick/price!). 
5. Browse Cigars at Havana House

Now I’m not a smoker myself, but I find cigars fascinating. There are so many different types, and they just look bloody cool if I’m honest. It’s my favourite thing to buy for guys as a present if I don’t have a clue what to get them, since all men love to be manly with a good cigar. Even if it’s just to put on display!

6. Have a Beer at Two Brewers

It’s a little historic pub with a great selection of local beers. The food has a lot of mixed reviews, so don’t cry about it if you’re just popping in for a cold one. I wish I was a beer girl, but it’s the kind of place I’d take my Dad just to put a smile on his dial. No children though, so just keep this one for a boy’s night.

7. Attend The Royal Ascot
One of my favourite must-do events in England every year! You get dressed up, you drink champagne all day and you bet on horse-racing. I’m not sure you could have more from a day out. I literally wait all year for this to come round, and it’s something you must do at least once! If you want to check out my post from the last one, read about it here.

8. Watch The Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle

Okay, so maybe not one of the hidden gems, but you’ve heard about it, you’re here, why not go and have a look? The Changing of the Guard is one of the most touristy things you can experience, and although not as thrilling as rollarcoasters (please see above), it’s something that’s worth checking out. You’ll probably take 245587 pictures that you’re not likely to ever use again.

9. Eat at Riverside Brasserie

To start it off, it’s in Maidenhead on ‘Monkey Island Lane’. Instantly cool. And as you probably guessed, it’s by the river, so you’ve got a bloody good view around you. If it’s a sunny day out, you’ve probably hit an absolute winner, as there’s an image of you sipping white wine in the sunshine that you won’t forget for a while.

10. Walk The Long Walk

As you do on a day out, you’ve probably pigged yourself silly. The Long Walk in Windsor Great Park runs from Windsor Castle to the 1829 Copper Horse statue of King George III. It’s 2.65 miles, so yeah, a nice long walk for you to embark on to work off those hot chocolates and shortbread biscuits you’ve been stuffing yourself with. And, let’s be honest, it’ll make a great Instagram picture.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Tourist Board have been lovely enough to let my readers in on their latest competition! It’s all about discovering your ideal Windsor weekend and to actually win it, and it’s easy peasey, so if you’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about a weekend away and you’re keen to check it out then have a gander here!

This post was sponsored by The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

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