Best Coffee Roasters in Amsterdam

Before heading to Amsterdam, I made sure I knew where to go to get some good coffee. I learnt that I couldn’t ask for the ‘Best Coffee Shop in Amsterdam’, because that’s a whole different thing over here. Since I’ve become a coffee snob, I knew I wouldn’t settle for any old coffee. I give you my top choices for heading over to Amsterdam!
Headfirst Coffee Roasters
This was Boy’s favourite coffee of the trip, and I actually came here twice during my weekend here. Their coffee is slow-roasted to perfection, their baked goods were dazzling on the counter and the guys there were incredibly friendly. Good on you if you manage to get a seat, or pop yourself outside if you manage to catch a sunny day!

Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

This was my favourite of the trip, and not just because there was a pretty sweet painting of Biggie Smalls hanging up. One of the customers there were saying how the coffee packed a punch (in a good way) but I disagree – I thought it was smooth and gentle on the tastebuds. Their Fiver Espresso coffee beans are just a fiver, so can you guess what coffee I’m sipping on at home now?

Two For Joy Coffee Roasters

We cycled past this place by luck, and I insisted we stopped to get a coffee. This place is bigger than the other two, so it’s more suitable for a group coffee meeting here, or to tuck yourself away when it’s pouring with rain outside. Their brownies looked insanely good, and their iced coffee comes with a little syrup pot to pour as much as your hearts content (which was all of it for me).

There was another place called The Coffee Virus that I was dying to try, but sadly never made my way over there. Let me know if you’ve been and your thoughts!

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