Breakfast at The Buffet, Las Vegas

I don’t understand people who can’t eat when they’re hungover. When I’m hungover I’m basically a vacuum. So where better to go?

You know it’s the right place for you when the restaurant is called “The Buffet”. That’s what it is. One great big buffet.

We hauled ourselves onto our seats and all decided that coffees, teas and a lot of orange juice were needed to revive ourselves.

Then we were let loose. The girls picked up their plates, divided and conquered.

This buffet had everything. All breakfast foods, all non-breakfast foods, all cuisines, EVERYTHING.

There were a lot more pictures, but it was impossible to include them all. Just trust me when I say there was a lot, hey?

Oh, and was there a whole dessert section as well? YES THERE WAS.

The best part was proudly strutting back to the table with your plate full of mismatched everything, then looking around and acknowledging that everyone is on that exact same boat.

Sure, it doesn’t look great now. But when your plate is full of all your favourite foods piled together, let me tell you it’s magical.

On the second round (of course there’s going to be a second round) I was a little more selective. Zena raved about the fried chicken, so I knew exactly what I was going to make.

It was a plain waffle with fried chicken and maple syrup drenched over it, then a banana waffle topped with banana foster (banana fried in rum). It was an absolute dream. 

The rest of the girls didn’t go for round 2 and instead went straight for the desserts, which I don’t blame them for.

This includes the ice-cream bar.

Holy mama.

To finish off everything, the birthday cake arrived. Frankie’s mum spent months organising the perfect cake being made, with chocolate covered strawberries and a mini-Frankie on top. Very, very unfortunately, the kitchen dropped it, and had to replace it with what seemed like a very Las Vegas wedding cake.

Of course, this called for the bride and groom to cut the cake together.

I shot-gunned bride.

Out poured the red velvet goodness.

I basically rolled onto that plane back to London.

I slept a good 9 hours on the way home, which was longer than the total of 7 hours I slept in Las Vegas. Las Vegas, I’ll be back!

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  1. November 29, 2014 / 5:06 pm

    Ahhh I haven't but I've heard good things and I've always wanted to try! Thanks for the recommendation! xx

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