Dinner at Crush, Las Vegas

We’re in Vegas, baby!

If you live in London, you may have heard a part of the M25 collapsed. Unfortunately, this was the route I was taking to Gatwick Airport. After being stuck in 3 hours of traffic, turning around and zooming the complete opposite direction, I arrived at the airport 30 mins before the flight took off. Check-in had closed, so I had to ditch my suitcase and stuff as many clothes as I could in my handbag and RUN through the airport. I don’t know how I made the flight, but I did!

We were all here to celebrate the 21st Birthday of my favourite girl in the world. Reunited with Frankie at last!

Yep, we. All of us were here. It was a girls trip!

Alex, Georgie and I flew from London (for literally 48 hours in Vegas, how ridiculous is that!) and the rest of the ladies came from Virginia.

Well it doesn’t matter where we came from. It matters where were going. And even more importantly, how we were going to get there.

Let me introduce to you, the party bus.

And what does every good party bus have?


There were several attempts to do tricks and flip upside down whilst we were on the road. I won’t upload the pictures.

Thankfully, we all made it in one piece.

“Eat, drink, love” don’t mind if I do.

It was gorgeous with romantic lighting. Unfortunately, this means the quality of my photos are absolute shite. I apologise now for crappy pictures – I did try my best with the editing!

We scanned the menu as wine was circulated around the table.

I also ordered a couple espresso. There’d be no other way I’d have survived the night otherwise.

And now, the beautiful food and terrible pictures.

There were a couple of selections to start with – I went with the Octopus Ceviche mixed with Grapefruit and Jalapeños, sided with some thin tortilla crisps. A little spicy, but real good.

The other choice was pretty damn popular – the Mix Greens Salad with Pine Nuts and Cider Vinaigrette, wrapped in Prosciutto.

Next was another seafood vs meat option. First was the Lamb Meatballs with Lemon Yogurt and Pistachio Chimichurri. It looked so good – I almost wish I ordered it.

But oh well oh well I had the most delicious tuna! Tuna 2 Ways – Tartare Ponzu, Seared Cajun Spice and Avocado Purée. This picture just does not do it justice.

Then, huzzah the mains! This was a tricky choice now. I was leaning towards this delicious Half Roasted Citrus Chicken with Broccolini and Chicken Jus.

I love broccolini. And I have a very good past relationship with half (or, well, whole) chicken.

And there was the Sliced NY Strip Steak with Crushed Fingerling Potatoes.

Good thing Frankie ordered it, as it meant I had a couple of pieces and the rest of the potatoes. Om nom nom. So good!

The vegetarian option that wasn’t on the menu was this veggie pizza. It looked good, but I wasn’t jealous, I knew what I ordered was the right decision. I double-checked with the waiter (as always).

It was the California Sea Bass with Braised Kale and Tomato Chutney. Look at it, wrapped up snugly in that paper. Just waiting for me.

It was delicious, as expected. Turns out I went for 3 choices of seafood! Little pescatarian I am (okay, apart from Frankie’s steak).

We were getting a little tight for time since we were rushing off to see a show, and it wasn’t exactly going to wait for us, so dessert was rushed out.

The menu said it was called a ‘Happy Ending’, and yes it was. It was the Chef’s tasting platter, and I scoffed down the sweet sensations as quickly as I could. I was dragged out of the restaurant with a big chunk of ice-cream still freezing in my mouth.

All for this beautiful show. KÀ by Cirque Du Soleil. I’ve always wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil show, and was far too excited!

Unfortunately, by this time I’d been awake for over 24 hours. It was a battle to stay awake for a fair few of us.

Very fortunately, we had some complimentary champagne to attempt to keep us awake.

I already knew 48 hours here would definitely not be enough. I love Vegas already!

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