House of Bols, Amsterdam

I’ve found one of greatest museum you’ll ever encounter. 
It’s not monumentally life-changing or drenched with gorgeous artwork and timeless history (although there is lots of history here). 
It’s a cocktail museum. You’ll learn all about my main man Lucas Bols and the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand. Then you get to have cocktails! I’m sold!

My favourite part was where you spray the scent of the liquor and guess what is what. I was shockingly terrible at this. I swear I have the nose of a greyhound when someone’s cooking bacon?

Boy was a lot better than me, getting most of them right. Smug bastard.

Tip: Remember which ones you like the smell of, because you’ll need this when you get to the tasting experience! 

We slowly made our way through the rest of the building, admiring all the history and stories behind the making of this Dutch spirit.

It was interesting, but we both knew we were there for the tasting experience. One of the only excuses you’ll ever have to drink at 3pm (that’s a lie, but it’s a good excuse!).

When you get there, you find a screen and browse through the cocktails.

There were ones called ‘Honey Toblerone’. Drool.

Once you’ve selected your lucky bugger, it prints out a receipt with the recipe printing on it for you to hand to the bartender. I probably printed out a fair few of these to stuff in my pockets to make in future.

I went for the Chocolate Hardshake – the description mentioned how it won the ‘Bols around the World Finals 2014’ in Amsterdam, so how could I not choose a winner?

Your bartender then whips up your delicious cocktails for you.

You also get to try two Bols flavours (remember which smell you liked before!), which you can do before or after your cocktail. Or, like us, with your cocktail.

Boy fell in love with the Pomegranate and Butterscotch. I chose Banana and Strawberry.

Boy could’ve easily downed his shots. Little me had to alternate sips with my cocktails.

Oh yeah, back to the cocktails. How cute is my Chocolate Hardshake? Boy ordered a Dutchman in Barbados, which came in the coolest glass (I was tempted to buy it in the gift shop after).

Another tip: There’s a little room beside the bar where you can be taught by a man in the screen how to do smooth bartender tricks that you always see when they try to show off.

Boy, again, was frustratingly good at this.

I was not. I don’t think I caught this.

We took our tipsy selves upstairs where I browsed bottles to take home and add to my bar when I remembered we were cheapskates and got hand-baggage only plane tickets so was unable to take a big bottle back. Bah.

I didn’t even really like the spirit that much, although I wanted to. But at least their museum is a lot of fun!


  1. November 11, 2014 / 12:50 pm

    Oh my God this place looks amazing! I love any kind of cute cocktail so that chocolate one looks delicious!
    Sophia x

    • November 17, 2014 / 6:01 pm

      I know right! Probably half the reason I picked it was because it looked so cute haha x

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